Sunday, August 1, 2010

buggen out

Oh yes its time for some bug stories. Thanks to the rainy season I have a few for you. This year is a little different for us as far as the bugs go. For one reason we are in a house and not in an apartment above a tienda, also we have a cat. The first means that roaches are not our biggest culprits this year. And the second means we have a different way of dealing with any other bug that comes in. When we moved into the house the kitchen cabinets did have a major roach infestation but thanks to a friend we found this miracle paste that got rid of them in just a few days. I did see one roach the other day but it looked like it came in through the door and wonder cat ate him. But just in case its about time to buy the paste again and put it out to be sure we keep them away.
A few weeks ago I was awaken in the night to the lovely singing of a cricket in my room. As you know crickets songs are far from lovely in the middle of the night and in your bedroom. I tried my best to go back to sleep and ignore it (my husband was sleeping like a baby). We have high ceilings and the way our room is it was just so loud I couldn't sleep. I sat up and looked around to where I thought the sound was coming from. I soon saw a large black spot on the wall very near the ceiling. My groggy mind didn't register the fact that most likely a cricket large enough to make this noise would not be just sitting on the wall. So I proceed to grab anything that wouldn't break and started to throw it at the spot. After about try number five or six (in between which the cricket would shut up a min then start back its melody) my husband rolls over and says, "what are you doing."
"Trying to kill that cricket." I say.
"How do you know its a cricket?" he asks. At this point I am just pissed that he seriously hadn't heard it and was sleeping soundly this whole time, so I throw one more item then sit down to let the bugger start up again.
While we wait my husband looks at the dark spot and says it doesn't look like a cricket. I wear glasses but my sight is not that bad and I can tell there is something up there. Im to mad to reply and I continue to wait on the sound. Finally he starts back up and my husband says, "huh, must be a cricket." He of course since we are both awake now decides to turn on the light. The dark spot after all was not a cricket but a whole in the wall. At first we mistake this whole to be where someone must have put a rod for cloths hanging, although I was confused as to why there was not another whole directly across it. From up on the bed and shoving items into the whole to kill the cricket my husband realizes it goes all the way to the outside. I want to cry at this point because how do you kill or get a cricket to go away who can safely run away and then back to the whole when he is ready to hear his legs resonate again. Thankfully hubby wasn't as exhausted with the situation as I was and thought about the bug spray. He filled the whole and thankfully we have not heard another vocalist or legist (jajaja) in our room. (Ok that prob wasn't that funny but I liked it)
Also a few weeks ago I was standing around in the front area of Soriana watching Alana play with the toys, Joslin sit in the cart and eat crackers, and waiting for my husband to get off work. I looked over at a pallet that was on the floor for mattresses that looked welcoming to sit on. I was tired so anything but the floor would have looked nice. Something made me decide not to go sit there and not even a few min later I was so happy. A huge wood spider that had a body about and inch and a half long came crawling out of the same spot I had just been looking at. He of course saw me and my fear and walked right over to where I was and stood under my cart. I like to kill things that scare me but when they are that big I dont like to use any body part that will fill it like my foot. So I start trying to run over it with the cart. I was not successful and I'm sure anyone who saw me thought I was nutz. Eventually he ran back under his pallet, it was like he came out just to let me know that was his spot and I shouldn't have been looking at it like I wanted to use it.
Today was much worse than that though. My one year old is fascinated by bugs. She will point and squat for a better look and shout "bu.. bu.. bu" and so on until she decided it would be a good idea to step on it and see what happens. This was really cute until she tried to do it to a bee. I quickly explained to her that bees could hurt you. Now when she sees a bug she will say, "bee?" and look at me if I say no then she will go on with the other ritual. Any time she says either my four year old also runs over to make sure if its harmful and then goes to get the cat. The four year old hates bugs. Today while I was cleaning I hear Joslin say, "bee?" and the four year old says, "no its a dead fly." and she proceeds to get some tissue and throw it away. I thank her and go about my cleaning. Then I hear Joslin (the one year old) practically screaming "Bee?!?!?!?!" and Alana scream as if shes going to die. "dont touch it its a spider." I turn fairly slowly because just last night Alana was in tears in the bathroom over a spider that couldn't have eaten a fly if it wanted to. Then I about puck and scream "Joslin come here." This thing was no wood spider, or maybe it was but not one I have seen before. Im pretty sure it was a small tarantula from what I have seen in pictures. Ok shivers are going through me again. For a tarantula it was small I guess but the body alone was about an inch long and very fat with fat fuzzy legs. I look for Ke Ke and realize that she is the one that ran the thing into the house. Shes at the door trying to get in. Ke ke is no more than 5 months old and although I have seen her eat many bugs I wondered if this one was to big and dangerous for her. So I threw a shoe at the spider and wounded it. I then let ke ke in and was surprised to see her, nose on the floor, go the direct way the spider had (she looked like a blood hound). This has been very interesting to me because any cat I had before seemed to be afraid of bugs or just liked to play with them. I'm so glad that ke ke finds them to be a good part of her diet. She gobbled it up and I wanted to puke but let her while I had to hold Jolsin back. She wanted to see what Ke ke was doing to the bee. Then I noticed ke ke kept biting at her paw and I got worried. What if the spider bit her or something. I make her let me check out the paw and there is a horn nosed black beetle stuck to it. So she was chasing this spider with a beetle stuck to her paw. I pull it off and she proceeds to try and eat it. Some how this little guy managed to evade her and get back out to the patio. I was fine with that because I was sure ke ke would win out later. I'm still getting willies about the large spider but I am glad the way Joslin asked before she touched and that she listened when I told her to get away from it. Also whoo hoo for having a bug eating cat. Shes an inside/outside(closed patio) cat so I'm hoping she will keep us safe from the biggies as she gets bigger. I still dont know she may have been able to track and tackle this spider with out my help but I didn't want it running around in my house.
That is it for my bug stories for now, things like these come with the territory around here.


  1. This may have been your most exhausting post to date

    sit-sat 2X
    to-too 2X
    whole-hole 4X

    Run-on sentences without paragraphs, lack of punctuation and organization on top of the spelling errors and confused homonyms make this very difficult to get through.

  2. Anon my blog posts are not homework assignments and I refuse to ever treat them that way. If it is so exhausting for you to read them, STOP. Seriously your comments like these dont make me angry I just dont understand you. Please stop reading if it bothers you so much. It wont hurt my feelings at all. I do not plan to ever edit my posts to the grind, nor do I plan to put much more thought into the spelling other than the simple spell check. This blog is a release for me and I refuse to make it anything other than that. Again I repeat please stop reading if it is so hard for you to understand, I wont miss you one bit. ;) I will keep you in my prayers as to why you do this to yourself and others. Im sure there is a lot of pain in your heart and I will pray for that to be lifted.

  3. Good post, Amanda. Far less exhausting than Anon's self-righteous syntax session (hope he/she appreciates the alliteration).

    Right now my battles with ants and garden snails seem trivial compared to the spider encounter. I hate spiders! Luckily, I have never seen any big ones in our home. *knock on wood*

  4. Two months ago we had a flying ant invasion. They drove me nuts! Bug spray, bleach and Pinol didn't help. Finally, they went away once the rains started.

  5. I want to second your post, Amanda. I stumbled upon your blog, and I enjoy reading it. You shouldn't let grammar trolls silence your voice, and it is beyond me why someone would continue to read your blog if it bothers them so much. Keep it up, and good luck keeping all the bugs at bay!

  6. Hey, don't let the bugs and/or the humbugs get you down!

  7. Leah-for sure snails sound more pleasant. ;) I think if my husband can get the grass cut from the side of the house we will demolish the big spiders.
    Leslie I swear like 30 sec before I read your comment I killed a flying red aunt in our bathroom. I was kinda freaking out about it and Issacs like, "ehh they dont bite"
    Meagan thanks for reading. To be honest I usually dont let this dull persons comments through but I was feeling like responding that day. ;)
    Alice- Cute... I liked it.

  8. yucky! as i've told another friend of our's, the spiders are just not going to work for me.... i just try to remember they are not out to get us...they are scared of us too, and should run....please dear God, just let them run from me and not in the direction of further in the house or my bed....just keep em outta my bed and away from crawling over my face in my sleep! please!

    ;) great post and the nameless anon is a jerk...get a life spellcheck....amanda, you just keep doing your thing! we ALL appreciate it and learn from it!!!

    amber h from charlotte, nc

  9. Amber-I'm sure you'll be fine, I'm surprised at how much better I am about the whole bug thing. Don´t get me wrong we still spray and mop and do all the necessary to keep as many out as possible, but those that get past all that dont irk me like they use to. For sure the big spider did and those always will but they are few and far between. Oh and the cat helps a lot.
    And sorry for letting the rude anon comment slip through I was feeling feisty that day and wanted to respond to them. As always thanks for your encouragement. ;)