Monday, August 2, 2010

Ultrasound #2, but first with the seguro

We went to day for our appointment at the hospital for my ultrasound. We made this appointment over three months ago. People had told us not to expect a lot and that it would be nothing like the ones we had with the private doctor nor at the ultrasound clinic we went to for the first one. One thing I didn't expect is that we had almost no wait. Considering it took them more than three months to get me an appointment I expected to have to wait like you do for everything else with the seguro. We had only just sat down when my name was called. The nurse actually was very kind (they usually are, props to nurses) and they let my husband and the girls come in also. The ultrasound tech asked his questions so quickly it was hard for me to understand but after thinking on them a min I was able to answer with little interpretation from my husband. He then slathered me with gel and began his work. He was very quick about the whole thing and only stayed on one body part long enough to get his measurements. I mentioned the sex and he did a fast sweep over the buttocks and legs and stated he thought it was a girl. Click... and turned off the screen. We were then quickly ushered out and told to wait outside while he typed up his info for me to bring to the doctor. We were told again that we needed to make a copy before our next doctors appointment and that was that. From the quick glance we got I cant agree with the tech. For those of you who have seen a ultrasound of a baby girl... I saw no line. What I saw was the but and a bump which could easily be interpreted either way. We have decided that we will wait a couple more months then hopefully if we have the money go pay the other clinic to get one done. Since you pay they are more than happy to sit around and wait for the baby to show itself. We have decided to at least think of some girl names. Any ideas.....
When the nurse handed us our paper half turned away and heading off my husband stopped her. And we got some answers about what to expect in 4 months. When we come in we go through the Urgencia (ER) no matter what time of day it is. The labor and delivery room is a general room with up to 5 or 6 other beds. I'm imagining something like a Chemo room or one of the older critical care units before they started having the glass walls and doors. They only give epidural to first timers or for C-section. No one not even a female member of family is allowed in with you. And the baby after being checked is left with the mom in the moms bed. She did say if the baby doesn't latch on in the first hour or so they will take it to the incubator to feed it. That kinda sucks because sometimes newborns are not really even hungry for up to 24 hours.
With all this information in mind my husband is now totally on board with me laboring at home until we are sure its actually time for the baby to come. I figure by that stage of labor most of it will be a blur of pain and such so who care if I have any support. Ok that was slight sarcasm and I think it sucks they wont let females in but hey such is life and I will survive. Thanks to a fellow blogger (sunshine) I have plenty of info to read to be sure all is safe for me and the baby. I'm just glad I now know for sure what to expect and plan for.


  1. sounds like the baby may be a surprise afterall. Keeping my fingers crossed for a boy...kinda hard to plan when you don't know though I am sure. How much does an ultrasound cost if you wanted a private one?

  2. OMG, you are stronger than I am. I would have gotten the director of the hospital and demanded to have my husband and family in the birthing room with me or else. I don't normally do pain meds but I'm with you on the staying home as long as possible. I've had three girls now and I don't listen to anyone when it comes to their care. During my last daughter's delivery, she wanted to sleep a lot and one nurse started smacking her bottom to wake her up and I flipped out. Nobody knows how to take care of a baby like their momma. Not speaking fluent spanish is going to be harder for you as well. If I was closer, I'd go down and fight for ya.

  3. What do you mean no one is allowed in the room at birth? Not your husband either. WHAT I'm confused!

  4. Krystal - The reason no one is allowed in the birthing room is because there are 6-8 women (3 or 4 along opposite walls), with no curtains or privacy, unless some kind of surgery or emergency takes place. There's a lack of space and I suppose they don't want wandering eyes of family to check out the other exposed laboring women. The doctors at the seguro can be very good, but not always forthcoming with patient information or giving you choices. My SIL works in Pediatrics at a seguro in Veracruz, so I've seen enough of that Maternity Ward (right next door) to know that it will be the last resort for me (if we have children).

    The best thing I can tell Amanda is to take something familiar to you, (a cross, picture, stress ball), etc. Family isn't allowed in and support is very minimal until the baby's out, also the screams can be intense, maybe take earplugs. I do not want to scare you, just want you to know what to expect (might be different there, too.)

    The good news is, no matter what the room situation is or how the birth goes, seguros have very competent doctors and nearly all the babies born there leave the hospital healthy. Dealing with the birth process in a less-than ideal way will be the biggest challenge, and that hopefully won't last long.

    Stay at home as long as possible, amiga. You will be fine. :-)

  5. Don't worry about the labor pain... I am sure you know the "Pain cycle" ...the more you fear the tighter your body gets and the more pain you experience. You gotta let those muscles go! It's all in God's hands. My last birth, I just kept offering my suffering as sacrifice and I got through the whole thing med-free. After the is by far the most-empowering feeling, I think, a woman can experience in her body. Begin saying extra prayers together as a family to prepare you for this incredible event. God bless!

  6. Rebecca as I told you in the e-mail Im still convinced its a boy.
    Krystal- demands to the director would do no good, as Leah pointed out it makes sense why the do this. Also aside from all the other people privacy and stuff you need to remember that Im getting all this care for free. This is why everything is bare min, but as Leah also noted the nurses and doctors are all competent and know what they are doing. To be honest women do this kind of thing all the time all over the world and we are quite spoiled in the US as far as our birthing choices go. Its a good thing for sure but its time I accept that I live in Mexico and on a peso income. ;)
    Wonderfull life- read Leahs comment. Its kinda how they did things back in the 50´s in the states before people started going on about patient rights and such. ;) I really do understand why they have the rules Im just nervous.
    Leah- I love the ear plug idea. Im pretty sure I can keep myself in check but I had actually thought about how much harder it will be with other women who are not sitting around me. I kind of wondered if there would be a lot of screaming. From what Iv seen Mexican women are very stoic and rarely cry and scream out loud, but labor is a whole new story.
    Anon your right on (and people like you are why I will never block all anon comments) Along with the idea Leah had of bringing something personal I plan to bring with me a slip of paper with prayers and verses for me to look at if IM able. And I my husband and I have been praying and Im sure when my mom comes she will pray with us also.
    Hope I cleared up all the questions if not write back, and thanks all for the encouragement. ;)

  7. You're strength, determination, and grounded perspective, in addition to your unshakable conviction to stand firm in your faith in all circumstances is inspirational! You do not know me, but I am praying for you and your family. Particularly for strength, health, and peace during your delivery.

  8. anon- Thank you, I'm working on a meditation/prayer/verses sheet that I will have my husband read with me during labor. When I get it done I plan to post it. I look forward to getting feed back on it when I get it up.