Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh yes and abuot the walks.

My last post became something entirely different than what I started it to be. So I changed the title and took this little bit out that I'm about to write now. Issac went to a game with some work buddies tonight so I have time to actually post this one now.
One thing I did yesterday regardless of my sinus headache and the feelings I discussed in the last post was to write up a daily schedule.
When we first moved to Mexico Alana and I would go on walks every day. Mainly out of curiosity but also because I was insanely restless due to moving from hectic full time working to doing nothing all day. When I found out I was pregnant we would make sure and walk at least 30 min every day. After having Joslin I got out of the routine and sadly over a year later we have not picked it back up. I realized when we were downtown and my four year old complained the whole time about walking that it was time to pick it back up. Another reason for the schedule was because we had slaked on our reading time. Joslin just was not old enough to sit through story time so I have not been doing a daily reading time with Alana. We still do a class time while Joslin naps in the mornings but reading just for fun got sat aside for running after Joslin. Lately Iv noticed Joslin is getting better about sitting through books and when not listening will at least play close by. So while I watched them play and I nursed my poor head I wrote us up a little schedule to include both and all the other things we do each day. I put it on construction paper and put times on it. I plan to use it to help teach Alana about time and how at certain times of the day you do different things.
About my sinus headache my wonderful husband decided that because I was feeling so bad yesterday he would order pizza instead of me cooking. This was a blessing because Joslin was also being extra chipil and I would have had to put her to cry in the play room while I cooked and did dishes. This would have really split my head. When Issac got home he convinced me to at least do so research on what I could take if I had to take some cold medication. I was never an OB nurse and stayed as far from it as possible so I did need to do a little reading. But after looking it up, and some encouragement from hubby I decided for the well being of me and my girls I would take something. My husband says nurses are the worse patience and I'm sure hes right, it took a lot of convincing but now I'm so glad he did it. I'm only taking like a third of the dose they call for but even that is helping so much with the tea and such helping a little also.
Today thanks to the breakthrough I spoke of in my previous post and the medication helping my headache we followed our schedule. Alana loved looking at the clock and telling me what time it was and then going to the paper to see what we got to do. Even clean up time went a little smother because well its what we were suppose to do at that time.
She was as excited about our walk as I was. We have been randomly walking over the last week or so but not making a habit of it and I was letting Joslin walk also. With Joslin walking there is really no excessive for me and she ends up getting to worn out for us to go to far. Today we put her in the stroller and took off. Its surprising how far you can walk in just 15 min. A couple weeks ago we attempted to walk to a park we had seen but it was to much up and down hill and we were all way to tired on the way home. This time I headed a different direction and kept the walking on mostly flat ground. In Mexico if you walk for a bit (for us it was 15 min) you will usually end up at some kind of a park. Today we ended up at a small park that didn't have to many toys but was very clean. It was next to a church and I assume the church keeps it up. The girls had so much fun finding sticks, playing in the dirt and grass, and climbing on the few toys they had. There was also a basket ball court that they had fun running around on. We played about 20 min and headed home. On the way home we actually saw a garage sale. Can you believe it, those are so rare here and of course everything was way overpriced for a garage sale but it was fun to get to browse. (I use to love going to garage sales, I would set up a whole Sat just to go looking around) After leaving there, just as we are getting going, I hear "Amanda"(said with spanish vowels). At first I just kept walking because I'm just so use to not knowing anyone. Then louder, "Amanda" This time I turn around and I see the daughter of an acquaintance. This person had told me they lived in my area of town and to come by sometime but I never figured Id actually find their house. We ended up visiting with them for a good 45 min before heading home. It was nice to actually have a little visit and feel like you actually know some people. Tomorrow I plan for us to head a slightly different way just to see what we can find. I'm really looking forward to what our walking adventures will bring. After today I see that it will be much different than when I first moved here. So here is three cheers for walking adventures.


  1. I walk alot when i visit Cesar. He lives a block from the Centro and i love walking all the side streets and browising the million tiendas. It is funny because when i first visited i was scared to walk alone because of American media i was so convinced i was gonna get kidnapped or something. I have come to feel perfectly safe there. In face people are walking around all hours of the night.

  2. I love the idea of walking adventures, AND it's great for your pregnancy, too. There's always something new lurking around every corner here in Mexico because, I find, people have fewer rules about what's done when or where. Last week, I enjoyed watching neighbors across the street build a house on top of another house. And this week, they're adding a second story!