Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christmas in August

The longer I live here the less I think about what I miss from the states. The great thing is that even though I dont miss things when they do show up I'm so excited about them. For example Issacs mom sent us a huge jar of Jiff PB. This is sold in the larger cities in Mexico but around here all you can get is some junk called Aladine or sometimes they have a very small container of Jiff that is so over priced its not worth buying. So that was supper exciting we got it about 3 weeks ago and its almost gone. But then about a week ago I received a care package from my sister. I have the best sister in the world, in case I hadn't said that before. She has sent me things and done more running around in the states for me than anyone should ever be expected to do. We decided that she should try out the regular mail service this time around because we seem to have a lot of bumps in the road with the other mail services. Also we found out recently that packages go through the same random red light green light as people do as they cross the boarder. So I'm thinking the smaller and less conspicuous (because I still doubt the randomness of the red light green light) the better. So she got the Medium flat rate box and packed it tight and sent it on it its way. I GOT IT 5 DAYS LATER!!!!!! That is so much faster than any of the mail couriers we have used. She sent me two prego shirts, some magazines, shorts for hubby, fun bath markers and color changing tabs for the girls, happy meal toys for the girls, cars for the new baby and other random things for the girls. We are loving all of it and is so nice to have quality cloths from the states. I do really miss Kohls. Then this weekend we were privileged to have our friends Rebbecca her hubby and their son stay with us at our house. She comes in like Santa and gave my girls all kinds of toys, cloths and shoes and all new stuff. I was so shocked.. when she had asked for sizes I was thinking she was hitting up some yard sales which would have been great also, but these were all new. This is a big deal here, you see cloths cost about the same here as they do their except they are made cheaper and there are fewer sales. I refused to buy cloths unless they are on sale here because they are never even close to worth the original prices. Anyway the girls loved all their stuff and are still playing with the toys and are so excited about the cloths. She also brought me lovely books and magazines. I'm so excited because as usually this came just in time. I am currently reading the last book on my shelf that I hadn't read and its not one I'm liking all that much. One of the best things ever is that she helped me to set up a magic jack. A few months ago I went on a rant about not being able to connect with certain family members the way I wish I could. A lot of you wrote me with different ideas some of which I was already using. A lot of those ideas were just out of our cost range but this one was not thankfully. Thanks to this I have already spoken to a couple friends who haven't had time to sit in front of their computer to skype and I can communicate more frequently with my sister and mom. I cant imagine how much it could have helped and lightened my sisters load if we would have had this two years ago but hey its better now than never. Also because were pretty sure this new baby coming is a boy she brought us some of her sons old cloths. This helps a lot because I have girls and dont have boy anything.
During my walks to and from Alanas school I try to take that time to reflect on God and my relationship with him and so on and so forth. These last couple days of walks have just been full of thanksgiving. God has always put such great people in our lives and has always taken care of us. I'm so thankful for where we are in our lives and things are going so well. I actually love living here now. I love that before 10am I have said good morning and smiled at tons of people most of which I barely know or do not know at all. I love that I am getting to know my neighbors and feel so safe and cared for. Really this could go on for some times so Ill stop now and leave this blog with how thankful I am for the Christmas in August. ;)

Thanks Suegra... Thanks Burkharts.... Thanks Rebbecca and family.


  1. Heart-warming post, Amanda. Our lives here are indeed special, something you cannot replicate in the US.

    I love it here too (most days).

  2. Good things happen to good people Amanda, you deserve every bit of it. God is so good!

  3. Awww...I'm sooo happy for you and your family Amanda!!!

    Also, wow, 5 days! I think I am going to ask my parents to do a "test" shipment... int'l priority mail!!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you and your family are doing great. You guys have gone through sooooo much and only deserve the best. :)

  5. Thank you so much for having us. You have a lovely house and a lovely family. I am blessed to know you, and belive me you have given me so much in return, friendship, support, knowledge. Before i found your (and many other) blog, i really thought i could not move to Mexico, that my marriage would be over. Now i know i can do it. It will be hard, but it is possible.

    Love ya!

  6. I so enjoyed reading that. Isn't is something how the little matter so much. I enjoy reading your blog. Smiles!

  7. Leah-I agree completely.
    Mama- God is good has been one of my main stays for a few years now. Its a good thing to remember when things are good and when things are bad
    OMT I know I cant believe how fast and easy it ended up being.
    Dreamer-Thanks girl.. maybe Ill be seeing you around soon. ;)
    Rebecca- we loved having you and cant wait to get to visit in person again. Hang in there girl its so close and you will be sleeping under the same roof as Ceaser every night... so so soon.
    Olancho-glad you enjoyed it, its been nice to write so many positive posts. God has blessed my socks off this year.