Friday, January 7, 2011

Alanas school party

As seems to be the norm these days I'm a little behind. Gees can you imagine with the new baby new job and new city. :) I am getting a little better at keeping things up around the house and so the blog upkeep comes next. Yes sorry folks house come first. lol
Here is a little post on my 4 year daughters school Christmas party. In this post you will see the joys and pains of the government school system here. Thankfully I have read enough of Leslies issues with the school that I kind of expect this type of thing. We were told almost a month in advance that her party would be held December 20th and that her class was to dress like angels and we would be pitching money in for one of the moms to prepare tocos durados and to buy tambourines for their part in the pastorela (christmas play). A week before we were told that the party would be changed to the 17th. This was no problem and my mom was here to help me get Alanas costume ready. I also made little yarn angels for all the kids in their class. (My mom keeps telling me to read a book called, Im not supper woman, I haven't yet because I'm still trying to be, lol)
So we show up on that Friday with Alana all dressed up and us ready to party. Of course nothing was ready to start on time and once it did start I needed to go feed the baby. I went into Alanas class room and let Joslin play while I feed Lily. Soon the maintenance women and another women came tearing through the class room looking for something. I asked them what they were looking for and they looked at me as if I had just appeared there. They asked if I had had my baby. Well yes I'm feeding her right now I said. Then they got all excited and asked if when she was done eating if they could use her as baby Jesus. Well of course my baby can star in the play, as long as no kids would be touching her or picking her up. Mind you she was only a few weeks old at this point. So Alana got to be an angle and Joslins so cute the teacher handed her a tambourine to play with Alanas group and Lily got to be Jesus. Oh yes I'm a proud mommy. lol
So then when the play was over everyone was packing up and leaving. I asked what about the food and the piñata? Well Monday is suppose to be the last official day so they decided to spread out the party and the rest would be on Monday. Ok no problem we will be there of course. We showed up on Monday and some of the parents were putting on another play about the diablo (the devil) trying to corrupt people. Then while we were eating I was told that they found out that Tuesday was the official last day and that they were saving the piñata for Tuesday. Up until now this American mommy was being tolerant but this I can not deal with. Alana already had her tambourine, got to eat the food and was given her gift that we paid for so no, I'm not coming back a third day for a piñata. Instead we made our own at home. Im going to post pics here of her party and of our piñata.

Sorry I had to delete the pics off my blog, I have decided to keep my blog public no matter how many hateful comments I get. If I made my blog private it would defeat the purpose so instead I will just delete the pictures and refrain from using names in attempt to keep things safe for us. 

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  1. Too cute!

    I've been here 5 years and I'm still getting used to Mexican time.

    One night last week Jorge and I were going home, and I was in a bad mood. He asked me why. I said because I'd spent the last 5 hours waiting.

    2 hours waiting at Sams Club for a credit card that never got checked. 3 hours waiting at my in-laws for his mom's friends to show up so we could eat cake.

    Ridiculous, but what are ya gonna do?