Friday, January 7, 2011

New years

This year for New Years my mom was here to watch the girls so Issac and I decided we needed a night out alone. We were all excited about it but didn't have a chance to find a place that would for sure be open that night. We know that here in Mexico most people celebrate at families homes but we figured since we were in the city this year we wouldn't have to much trouble finding a place that was open. We were way off on this one. Our truck was in the shop so we were going by taxi and we had to have the guy drive around for like 15 or 20 min before we finally found a little wings bar open. We had planned on a nice dinner because both of us were on Antibiotics and couldn't drink. It was still nice to get out and the wings were actually really good. We didn't stay long though because the reason I was on medication was due to an ear infection. The music wasn't as loud as some bars but it felt loud to my sick ears. We were home by 11pm and I'm pretty sure we were not up at midnight. ;) I looked at my post from last year and I filled out this little questioner thing and I think I will do it again.

I got this great idea from last year and I thank her for it. I love to reflect on the past and find out what I can learn from it and to look forward to the future and what I can hope for.

3-4 words that describe this past year... Acceptance, tolerance, and Blessed

If 2009 was a book, I'd title it... Accepting Gods Path, no matter where it leads.

I am really glad I tried... living in the City

Something that really surprised me.... How much my online friends have done for us. We are so blessed to know you all. Things I have to thank you all for is my job, learning opportunities for my girls, and my sanity.

The most courageous thing I did this year was. . . Driving around Guadalajara without Issac. Oh and having a baby that takes some guts. lol

I tried to hold on to.... My relationships with friends and family in the states.

I felt more hopeful about... Life- I know that cant be more vague but its true.

I felt less anxious about ... The Future

A relationship I feel extra grateful for this year.... My husband, he surprises me constantly with what a great partner in this life he is. This is the same from last year. But again I have to say my relationships with friends on line. They grow stronger every year and help me to grow as a person.

This year, I noticed God at work in .... Teaching me that he will always take care of me. And although he may keep me on my toes I will never want for my needs to be fulfilled.

In 2011,

Words I hope describe this upcoming year.....Challenging. I cant believe Im saying that but I look forward to the Challenge my work is bringing into my life.

Something new I really want to try... visiting other areas of Mexico which brings along trying new foods.

A relationship I want to pour more of my heart and time into . . . My relationship with Christ deserves more effort this year. This is from last year and I must leave it up. Christ always deserves more time. But also with being busier Issac and I have decided we need to be sure and pay a lot of attention to our relationship to keep it tight.

A way I want to reach out to others is . . . I want to be more of a support to many of you who are in tough situations. I have received so many blessings and I hope to give them back in return.

I'm going to need God''s courage to ...Trust him to provide daily for my family no matter what the physical world looks like.

This year I hope I let go of ...fear and anxiety, Im sad to say this is from last year and I have to keep it up again.

This year I hope I can hold on to ...The passion and love between me and Issac, and one on one time with each of my girls.

One dream I have for 2010 is . . .Ok I have to show you what I put up last year.
(To be working and to be in a town we want to buy a house for our family to grow in.)
Thank you God for helping us to accomplish this.
I think my dream for this year is to adjust appropriately and the way God wants us to into our new living situation. Also I would love to see Issac get some schooling under his belt and maybe even get me started on some more also.

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