Friday, January 7, 2011

Palabra de Vive

I think I have mentioned how much I love our new church up here. Im again excited about Sunday mornings. They have recently been doing a great job updating their web site. For the Christmas service the kids did little songs. At first the had Alana in the back because she is so tall but very quickly the teacher pulled her to the front because she was doing so good. Im going to try to get the video on her but if not here is a link to the pics on the church website. Oh yes shes the pretty one in the blue jean dress. :)

Oh I hope this works she was so darn cute.
Anyway check out our church web site there are other cool things on there.

Last week I had the privilege of helping a mission of Doctors to provide Prolotherapy and fix varicose veins. I only got to go help three times in the week but it was a great experience.


  1. That is so awesome. Glad you found a church home

  2. I'm so glad that I found your blog. I have been wondering about alot of the things that you write about. I am American My husband is from Toluca Mx we have been together for 10 years and married for 6 years. We have 5 kids ages 12,10,7,6 & 3. My hubby is not here legally and wants to move back to Mx. I have visited his hometown several times but living there kinda scares me. I don't speak Spanish but I do understand alot. My kids only know very basic stuff. I worry about how to get them in school there and about problems with the school here if we came back to Alabama. And what about the shots that they would normally get here? And there's so much more I worry about. I love my husband and want him to be happy but I'm just worried about the kids that is a big move. If he was deported for some reason then that's different. We would have no choice. But for now we do and I'm not sure what is best. Sorry for going on and on but I've never found anyone that could help tell me what it takes to move to Mexico.

  3. Thanks rebecca maybe you can visit it wiht us while your here.

    Anon- Welcome amiga, First I just want to say you are in a very tough place. Just be carefull because if he does get picked up and you all dont leave on your own he could now serve jail time and it seems to be different for everyone with no real rhym or reason to it. Also if there is no reason for him to be barred at the moment get him the heck out of there and try the legal way before the choice gets taken away. Totaly just my opinion though. :) As far as your kids they can adjust. When it comes to the little ones I can tell you they will have no problems. It will be a little harder on the older ones but its possible, check out this blog here. She has older kids and reading her experience can help you better understand what you would be in for. As far as you not speaking Spanish I didnt understand nor speak ANY when I moved and Im getting along pretty good now. But if you read some of my older posts you will see it didnt come without a some tearfull days and a LOT of frustration. Youll need some thick skin but you can do it if I did. With the educaiton the private schools are better and would better prepare your kids for collage in the states. But a diploma is a diploma and a Mexican diploma is excepted and like anyone else they would take an entrance exam and if anything would just have to take some beginer courses before getting going on their major. I plan to have my kids in private school but also do some home schooling to be sure they are prepared for the way things go in the states if that ends up being their choice. I have a few posts about Immunizations but long story short its all the same except here they still give the TB immunization but all of your kids are old enough that they wouldnt get them. Hope this helps, keep the questions comming its the reason I blog. :) nice to meet you. Oh and check out the blogs I follow you will find a lot of ladies who will totaly understand where your coming from.