Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amigos aqui

We had some friends from the states visiting us for a week. It was so nice to have them around for a lot of reasons. It was nice for me to have constant English conversations. As good as it is for me to learn that only my husband can talk to me in English it gets kinda old sometimes. I also realized how far I had come with my Spanish. I get pretty hard on myself sometimes about learning and feel Im not doing well enough. But Issac worked all but 2 of the days they were here so it was up to me to show them around. We went to get juice and I actually got to translate and didn’t have to ask the lady to slow down at all. It was so rewarding and I was so proud of myself. This gives me more motivation to continue. I had kind of started to lag on my studies and was trying to use what I knew. But now I realize what I know, I know, so its time to learn more. This seems to be how I learn anyway and it is working well with the Spanish. I am determined to be fluent and not need someone around to help me so much. I know I will always be learning some vocabulary and there will always be mistakes made. Im getting more use to trying and not caring how people look at me, when I completely screw up. And am even getting comfortable with asking for a moment to think on what I want to say. That’s something Im really not use to. I’m usually too quick to speak my mind.  And now its hard to get it out. But that is all getting better.
About Samantha and Brian’s visit I had a fun time showing them around town. Also Issac was able to bring them out to a town where they got to see some beautiful country side. Alana and I didn’t get to go on that trip. We all came down with a cold while they were here. Brian, Alana, and I seemed to get hit the hardest. Alana and I stayed home and slept that day. A couple days later we were feeling a little better so we went with them out to the Rio Verde (green river). Some of our friends who own the store that is next to our house have a ranch out on the river. It was so beautiful out there, and so comfortable. Im an outside person and don’t feel more at home anywhere than I do with my bare feet in a river. Alana loved it and we look forward to using the site for camping once the baby comes and is old enough to go.
I feel like our friends had a good vacation and most of all we got to visit and talk. That is really why they came and that was accomplished.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I get more from your blog than from any other blog.

  2. Wow thanks for that comment. I was just wondering the other day if I was doing any more than blabbing. Im glad you are enjoying this. :)