Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its a girl

We went to the dr. today and got to see on the ultrasound that the baby is going to be a girl. And sometimes ultrasounds are not to be trusted but this was a full shot and I am positive it is correct. She was probably getting sick of us calling her a boy because she actually stayed still for quite some time while we were looking.  I had a cold last week and it was pretty bad. I still have a little cough left over. Also we did a lot of walking and going around while our friends where in from the States. So this week I have been having some cramping, and back and hip pain. When we told the doctor about all this he seemed concerned that we didn’t call him. Then he literally told me that I needed to eat, sit, and drink lots of fluids for the remainder of the pregnancy. (That’s 11more weeks) Issac of course told him that I do to much and the doctor again told me that rest was important now. Seriously though, Im not a sitter. The only reason I sat so much when pregnant with Alana is because my job required it of me. Now my job is a 2 year old, sweeping, mopping and picking up after my husband and daughter. Really I think a lot of it was from all the extra walking and activity while being sick when our friends where in town. Im thinking like any sour muscles this should pass in a week or so. So will I listen Im not sure yet, depends on if the house begins to drive me mad. (Which it will) Im already planning to mop the kitchen tomorrow. Really Im fine and I do believe that doing nothing but sitting is an over reaction. Yes nurses can be the worse patients but I also think we know our limits most of the time. The doctor, most likely due to my nonchalant attitude actually wrote on the script pad to rest, drink and eat lots of citrus drinks and fruits, dress warm (It doesn’t get below 30degrees here), and don’t let myself get cooled off to fast after being hot. Then Issac asked if I shouldn’t be walking bare footed on the tile floor. (I scoffed and laughed). And the dr. agreed with him. Oh man now Issac has it on his side that a dr. said so. Good thing I got slippers and socs for Christmas that I like. Well I think that’s all. He wrote us a script for three medications and we will be getting one of them. The one for my cough. The other was just a stronger Tylenol but I don’t think I need it. (I told him I took some and it only helped a little and he said maybe I needed a higher dose. Talk about lost in translation. I meant I took 2 extra strength 650mg, he prescribed Tylenol 700mg one tablet.  Anyway Im still happy with our doctor even though he is a little more conservative than I am. And he promised us Issac could stay in the delivery room the whole time as long as he didn’t freak out or start to pass out. I think we are only going to allow Issac to stay by my head. He gets quisey with medical stuff and freaks out in emergencies for the most part.
I think that’s all for now. We shall see how these things go. Also we were reasured that I would be the first to feed the baby (I will be nursing again). And that as long as the baby is healthy it will stay in our room with us at all times.
Issac recently found out at work that when I have the baby that he gets 2 extra days off that week paid and he also gets $400pesos as a gift. The HR lady told him also that if we get married (remarried in Mexico) then he gets three days off and $600p that he can take at the same time as I have the baby. So now that we have the marriage lic with Apostille from the States we may go ahead and get remarried here just so he can have a whole week off with me and the baby to help. Also we get money. Not sure how that will all work out we shall see.

Im getting so excited. Three more months.

We found a cheep crib that was on sale for 1/4 the normal price. Praise God for that one.

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