Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years in Mexico

My first Mexican New Years

Well the most special thing about it was that I got to kiss my husband at midnight. That hasn’t happened for 2 years. I know that’s obvious but it didn’t really dawn on me until it was happening how grateful and happy I was about it. We had a couple of friends down from the States and because we all got a cold while they were her we actually didn’t do anything. Origianly we were suppose to go out to Issacs Grandmas house to spend the New Year with the family. Aside from not feeling well our guest suggested to me that they were not fully comfortable being around that many non-English speaking people. Issacs family is great and all but that can be intimidating even for me still sometimes. So we agreed to stay in. I found that New Years here is quite different for people our age. Im use to everyone being out, downtown, at bars, at balls, ext. But not here, everyone even young adults go to spend the night with their families. We kept asking around about what was going on down town and everyone kept saying they didn’t know because they were always with their family. I figured there would at least be fireworks. But we can always see the down town fireworks from our apartment and they actually didn’t have any. Now the reason this is such a surprise is because these people shoot off fireworks for everything. I have seen at least 5 or 6 displays since Iv been here which has only been for 6 months now. I suppose that’s where everyone gets the family oriented idea from Mexico. I had looked up a few of the traditions and although I didn’t have pure yellow undies on they had yellow strips. The women her wear yellow undies on new years for a prosperous year. Don’t ask me why I just read it somewhere and Issac confirmed that some do. Also we bought grapes. They eat one grape at each stroke of the church bell at midnight. You are supposed to make a wish with each grape. But honestly I don’t see how this is possible especially for a people group who eat dinner over 2 hours. I couldn’t get a new grape in my mouth for each ring much less get a wishful thought through my head. It was pretty comical watching the other three try also. We were all chocking and laughing by the time we got done. We went inside when we started hearing all the guns going off in the air. So, no fireworks just a bunch of people shooting off their guns to ring in the New Year.
This has nothing to do with Mexico but as far as resolutions for our family Issac and I decided to do a verse of the day with Alana, and that we would work on doing a devotional (him and I) at least once a week. Alana was doing so well listening to the verses for the Advent Calendar that we decided we needed to keep it up. So far that is already a hit. She loves it, even though she doesn’t get candy like she did with the calendar. And we have yet to do our devotional but the weeks not over yet. 

Well I think that’s all for the New Years celebrating. I hope you all had a great time that night and am looking forward to reading some stories.


  1. ive been coming to your blog for a while now, and just wanted to say thanks for all the info you provide.

    It is frustrating to see these archaic immigration policies getting in the way of life.

    I will continue to read and hope for the best for you and your family


  2. Somfolnalco, Thanks for reading. We are doing good now that we are together. This is really what we wanted. Im glad Im helping to get the word out about the system. We will be going back to Guad soon to check into my FM2 so I should be posting a blog regarding that by the end of the month.