Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing Blessings

We have for the last month or two been looking for rentals. We did for a short while think we might be able to buy because my husband had enough points to get his housing loan through the seguro. We quickly found out that this only covered at the most half of the cost and that we only make half of the min for a bank to supplement for a housing loan. The day we figured this out we threw out the reality book and began again looking into the rentals. In our town the only way to find a rental is to drive around and look for se renta signs. I do want to add in here that also over the last month of so God has brought it to my attention that I do not conversate with him on a regular basis the way I use to. I don't have the extended time alone in the car anymore and really no time alone at all. And that was what would keep me on track an just that alone time with God would help me to continue to conversate with him through out the day. So just over the last weeks I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to speak with Jesus through the day just about everything. The same morning we realized we wouldn't be able to buy I realized I hadn't brought any of this house stuff to God. That day I did. And later that evening is when we drove past the house I'm now sitting in. When we saw it we kinda said well Im sure they are asking more than we can pay. Most houses this size here are going for about 2500p a month and we cant go more than 2000 which actually was pushing it for us. As we are looking in the windows and my husband is waiting for the owner to answer I'm whispering in his ear just talk them down to 2100p we will find a way. While hes talking to them the all important question comes up, Que precio, his eyes got all big and he smiled at me as he repeated.. dos cientos (2000). My mouth droped open and I said can we see it. They said yes and that they would be right over. Well its perfect, God reminded me how important it is for us to bring our needs to him. Sometimes I dont like to because I dont want to treat God like my sugar daddy, but he does want us to chat with him and tell him our needs even when he already knows them. You see my Jesus came here and died so he could know us and love us ALL and not just the few prophets. We were created to love, laugh, talk and commuine with him. So anyway the owners told us that a week ago someone had called them about it and they told them it was still occupied and to call back in a week which was that very day. They were taken with the girls and told us they hoped they didn't hear from the other family but that if they did out of respect for them they would need to show them and give them the first choice. We were told we would hear from them in the morning one way or another. Again we prayed and left it in Gods capable hands. Later that evening as my husband comes in from being over at the tienda he tells me to get a friends info so we could use it in the morning as our witness. Im like well you mean we might need it. He then strait faced as ever says, no they called the house is ours and we go sign a lease at 9am. Well then theres all the boring paper work and stress full moving but more or less you get the picture.
So this was far from our greatest blessing this week. All the above happened over the weekend. On that Monday my husband was put up for a promotion and by Wed he was hired. He is now the jefe(boss) de la pani or the bakery. He will get his raise over a 3month time period but basically hes getting about 100p more a day. That is a huge deal hear and means the 200p a month in crease in rent will not even be noticed, and more grocery money. Seriously there couldn't have been a better time for this. I woke up this morning and wondered if this really all happened this week. I cant tell you how thankful we are to our God and Father for loving us enough to provide so well. So now we have an extra room for when the baby comes and is big enough to not be in our room, we have a little front yard, and large back patio, and 2 bathrooms. We are also in a quiet neighborhood and don't have to listen to trucks all day. Every room has windows that open in every room and some have more than one, compared to one functioning window in the whole place. My laundry is on the main level and where the girls have plenty of room to play. Im so excited that now we can get a cat. I'm gonna put up a few pics. We obviously have a lot of work ahead of us so please excuse the blankets on the windows and the boxes on the patio. Issac has been busy recauking everything, we still need to put in screens before the flys overwhelm us, and we had to put down some death to roaches paste, but all in all we are so happy.
So I wrote this post yesterday afternoon and waited till today to edit it, Im so glad I did. I need to add another blessing. For those of you noncatholics out there you may know how hard it is it find a noncatholic church. We had a pretty good one by our old place and had recently been getting better about going. For a long time we didn't go because we just were not connecting with people the way we would like. But then we decided despite that we want our girls growing up going to church so we were going. Well one of the times leaving this house while moving in we saw a sign for a Christian church. And here when they say that they mean noncatholic. I know Catholics are Christian but that's a whole different conversation when it comes to Mexico. Yesterday late evening when we had finished all we were going to do here we decided to walk up and check it out (its only like 2 blocks away). We loved it, the sermon was about how being a Christian is not a religion but about a personal relationship to Christ. And he said more than once that it is your responsibility to study your bible. There couldn't have been a better sermon to convince me that I liked the preacher. And then to top it off after wards I actually connected with a few girls and one of the guys Issac use to play with as a kid when visiting his grandma. We are so excited to go back, I should mention that there was only like 15 people in service which we actually liked a lot compared to the 50 at the other church. I think this was why it was easier to connect with people so quickly. For us this is as big of a blessing as the other two events this week.


  1. my husband is Catholic and growing up in the states i was bounced around from church to church by my mother who was searching out her own faith and never really had roots. My husband being mexican insisted we go to catholic church and I was so annoyed. (i went to catholic highschool) so for the sake of my kids i buckled down and went to the classes for 7 months and went to church faithfully for him. I never ever thought I would be catholic but after taking the classes and going faithfully I thank the lord for that stability in my life and also the times I needed to really have something to fall back on. I am a faithful prayer now and every once in a while listen to an evangelical teaching its christian too but not the same. Try to keep t foremost in your mind and always look for the blessings of the day instead of the negative and you will have a much happier life. stephanie

  2. New baby new house new church new job....I am so happy for you amanda. there isno greater proof that god rewards his faithful servants.

  3. Its great. I am so happy for you. I had some blessings this weekend. I've noticed when I expect good it comes, so I have to be careful not to expect bad. god bless.

  4. beautiful place! i like the kitchen, especially. amazing how many times you all have moved since coming to mexico.

    congrats on the hubby's promotion. is he a master of making pan dulce? i've always wondered how many grams of butter are in each pastry...don't tell me or i'll be put off from eating them. :)

  5. AWL-Thats so great that the church helped you to ground your relationship with Christ. Just so your clear I have no beef with the Catholic church in the states. I have a lot of good Christian friends there who also have a strong faith and love for Jesus. And you husband may be able to confirm this for me but its radically different here especially if your raised here. Also dont get me wrong in the fact that if you come here you can find a church or a way to be happy in the Catholic system still. I know a few Americans who have church is what you make it to be for yourself. But I have seen some crazy things verging on idle worship, go on here regarding saints and mother Mary and those things are no where in the bible, and half the time the people don't even know why they are doing it. Also the separation and hatred between Catholics and non Catholics is much harsher. Recently a friend told me that her mother told her children that the reason one of them just lost their 3 month old was because they went to a Christian church. Never would my friends in the states done such things.
    Rebecca and PVG Thanks we are so happy also.
    Alice-Seriously I hope this is the last move for at least 2 years and that one will be into something we are buying and wont have to move again.
    And Im still the only baker, he does the administration stuff, IM sure someday he will learn the baking secrets but for now its all paper. ;)

  6. Hi Amanda--such exciting news about your new house--everything looks perfect. You can fill that patio area with a bunch of potted flowering plants and you'll have your own private tropical garden, and you'll be amazed at the hummingbirds that will visit it and claim it for their own.

    I totally am with you on the issue with the Catholic Church here. It's way over the top with idol worship. I'm what you call a "lapsed Catholic" (some call it a "recovering Catholic-ha ha ha!). I was disgusted with the Church enough already in the states--but the Church here---holy cow. I have lots more to say, but since pretty much all of it is NOT positive, I'd be sure to step on somebody's toes, so I'll leave it at that.

  7. How wonderful! Congratulations to you guys!

    I'm just starting to get shaken out of a complacent period, too. What a wonderful wake-up call!

    May those blessings just keep coming!

    I know what you mean about the rift between Catholics and Protestants in Mexico . . . it breaks my heart.

  8. Everything is going well fo ryou and I am so happy for you. There are so many blessings around and I am so glad that so many are becoming apparent to you right now. \

    Comngrats on the house- It is great. Especially the wondows!