Monday, May 31, 2010

Just here there and everywhere

Can I do that after just saying I wanted to make my blog easier to navigate. Can I write a stuff post. Well why not its my blog after all and since my mind is full of stuff Ill put it here.
First of all this last couple weeks Iv just been in awe of my online support. I call it this because now that I'm in Mexico even my family is online support. I don't have anyone to come over and give me a hug when I freak out. I take that back my husband gives the best hugs ever and when we were living apart the only one who could match them was my little sister. If you ever meet her give her a hug and your day will brighten while shes hugging you. But now those hugs only come through her writings or her eyes on the web cam. And thanks to a family site my mom pays for I am able to stay up on the going ons of everyone and to fill them in as well. I love the net its been so much help with this whole move and new life thing. But what I find so amazing about the net and something I never thought was possible, is that I have made such close friends. When I was younger and meaning in my 20s I had friends who would talk about people online that they met and how close they had gotten and would talk about one day meeting in person. I was always like how close can you really get to someone you cant sit down with to a cup of coffee and really talk. Well now I know. And thankfully Iv been blessed enough to get to meet a few of them in person and found that I really do get a long with them. Im now pretty convinced that if both parties are being them selves online that you can know if its someone you could get a long with or not. I do wish some of you lived a little closer and that we had time to hang out more but hey such is life. And to be honest even when I lived in the states I only really had one friend who took the time to hang out much (love you Samantha). And aside from the regular banter about our lives my friend Adelina and I do a bible study via skype every week (well we try. lol) and this has made here one of the closest people in my life right now. Isn't that funny that Iv never seen her in person. Sure we did web came one day or two but usually just the phone call on skype but if I have news shes one of the first to find out. Or if I feel like crying I send her an e-mail. I was just realizing today how crazy this is to me and how only like 5 years ago I was a skeptic. You just never know right?

So about my new place, we have been here now for a couple weeks. I must say the niceness of it has not worn off. Even with the few downfalls. I am so content here I cant even tell you. The leaky toilet and fact that I had to tape up the screens doesn't even bother me. Yes I said it I taped up screens. Sometimes a long with blessings comes new challenges. My husbands new promotion has him working 12 hour shifts every day of the week he hasn't had a day off since last Sunday and we are hoping for Tue or Wed. We knew it was going to be long hours and rough for a while so we are taking it in stride. The problem is there are thing this new house needs that I just cant do. Like figuring out a better way to do screens than to tape them. lol I have to re-tape them every couple days due to the dirt but its gonna have to work till hubby has the time and energy to do something more permanent. Thankfully our landlords believe in maintenance and have sent a guy over for the things everyone needs like leaks and the hot water heater. He still has to come back this week and do some more but its nice to know we even have him coming. All our other landlords told us to fix it our selves and no it wasn't coming out of our rent. What a blessing these people are. Really I didn't think this kind of renting existed here. The girls are loving the front yard and pack porch, in the mornings they play our front and in the evenings when its hot I put a tub of water on the patio for them to play in. I can actually mop the floor with out little foot prints showing up all over because they are content where they are playing. Oh and my husband just figured out that there is an extra cable in the play room. We were told that if we hook up our motum to this cable we could use our lap top in there. So out of curiosity he hooked it up to the TV. We don't get any cable channels but we do get the main ones that you would get with antenna, which we have but isn't reliable. So good for him he gets to watch the world cup. Oh and its so much easier to do the trash. The truck actually comes when the bell guy comes through and the girls are on my same level so I can hear them the whole time Im waiting. And now that we have the gate in front its no big deal for them to be out there while Im tossing in the trash. Oh and we have an extra recycling trailer attached to our truck. Iv been having trouble remembering to trow our plastic and stuff in a separate container but Ill get there again. Im excited about that. We also have a little mini supper that is actually better stocked than the old one I was buy. This is a good thing because I never get the truck anymore we are way to far from Issacs work for him to walk now. We are praying for a second form of transportation preferably a scooter for him to use for work. We have no idea on prices so if anyone does let me know.
Wow this post is getting really long but I still have a couple more things to write about. As I think I said in my previous post we found a church close by. Im just so excited about this. I love that its so small and comfortable, I actually went with out Issac yesterday and felt good the whole time. Although Im sure Im still missing a lot of what the pastor says he sticks to the bible pretty close so I get his point and a lot of what he says. And as always because of the repetition in praise music that is usually a given for me. Alana loves the little class, she is going to do so good in Kinder, I cant wait. The teachers at the church told me they cant believe how disciplined she is and how smart. Apparently they played a color game and after yelling out the color in Spanish Alana was teaching them the colors in English. Sorry I had to brag because my heart just swelled up to hear the teacher tell me these things. I was worried that Alanas Spanish wasn't advanced enough for her to do well in Kinder because her English is so good. You can seriously have a regular conversation with her and shes three. But they said they thought her Spanish was great for her age so I suppose she will do fine.
The last thing I was going to type about was the girls. Well there was my bragging on Alana. Joslin is the cutest thing you will ever see. She loves hugs and kisses and is so sweet but at the same time she will come up and strait up punch you in the face with her fist. And when she does she will give you this mean look, that makes you want to laugh. But I don't and I get on to her for hitting but it really is to funny to see her pretty little face all squinched up. Shes a tough one and doesnt let big sister push her around, Im afraid when shes a little bigger it might end up the other way around because Alana is supper sensitive and my little princes drama queen. Its so fun to have two and I cant wait to have three. Watching them interact is so interesting. Joslin now says her sisters name kind of and if she hasn't seen her for a bit will walk around the house yelling for her. She is a great communicator and no longer crys if shes hungry thirst or tired. She just tells me what she needs and we take care of it. Shes still using her sign language of course but you can hear her trying to get different syllables out while shes doing it. Ok I could go on and on like this so Ill stop now. ;)
Oh and I did finally get to the IMMS to make my appointments for my lab work and my ultrasound. They were able to get me in for lab work before my next dr. appointment but my ultrasound isn't till Aug. I will be 6mo along by then and am not comfortable waiting that long. So as soon as Issac gets off work before the ultrasound place closes we are going to go into there and pay for one. They are really cheap and its the same place I used for my gallbladder. This is one of the things with using the public system you may not get things done when you want but there is always a reasonable alternative.
I think that's the end of my random post and I just want to say I haven't been this happy in my life since right after I got married and before Issac left for Mexico. God really is good and is working in my life. Even a year ago I thought this post was a long way off. I never would have thought that I would be so comfortable and happy here this soon. I know it is a lot due to my network of online buddies. Leslie for sure was a big big help. Every since I met her she has given me hope that a white girl can be happy here. So to all of you who haven't moved yet or who have just got down here know it does get better. There is hope. I didn't know a lick of Spanish when I came and that was the hardest part and now I'm comfortable with speaking to people. This is doable and you can be happy. Ok Ill say good buy for now and sorry for such a long post I usually try to keep them shorter but I had a lot to say this time around. Well this took a while and my girls are begging for attention so Im not going to read over it. Hope it wasn't written to badly. lol


  1. wow, I am so happy you are doing good! And that you are are tight with Adi, I'm glad you both have each other to talk to. When I was in PV she used to be there for me too. Its funny how we met in Mexico but we are both from the same city. Anyway, I loved this post I could imagine everything you talked about. And your little one... sounds sooo cute. You are so strong and kind. Oh I remember what I was going to say, Atleast you have screens... alot of rentals or homes don't even have screens - that I saw.

    Take care mexico mamma

  2. I will say it again, i am really happy for you Amanda. I am blessed to have connected with you online and even met in person. You are a strong woman.

    I will ask Cesar about Scooter prices. He knows alot about them for some reason. His cousin like buys and sells them or something. Maybe he can get you a good price. It seems like down there, who you know makes a big differance in gettign a good deal.

  3. Amanda, you are one of those people that I wish I lived closer to! There's a Soriana near us that could desperately use Isaac ;-).

    In all seriousness, it makes me so happy that you have found contentment in Mexico. I'm sure like me, you never expected your life to end up like this, but what a blessing it has turned out to be, right? Living here has really forced me to struggle & develop spiritually, something I never expected to I really thought I had a lot of things figured out. There is something that stirs in me here, I can't explain what it is but I know it's something good, I know I am supposed to be here. :-)

  4. I've made some great friends all over the world through blogging. Living in Mexico, I'm used to online relationships, and some of my good friends are people I've never met in person.

    They could never replace my Cancun friends, however, who have helped me through many difficulties even though we don't always understand eachother culturally.

    It's nice that you have a great landlord. We found the PERFECT house to rent recently. It was expensive, but worth it. The problem was the landlady isn't willing to fix the stuff that needs fixing, and I don't have money to pay rent PLUS buy new ceiling fans, light fixtures, gate, etc. It's been for rent since January. You'd think the lady would take the hint and fix it up already.

    Lucky you :)

  5. Hi Amanda,
    I have been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now. I also live in Mexico (navojoa, sonora) and I am 16 weeks pregnant. From what I can tell from your writing I think we are pretty close together in pregnancy!! I am very glad that you are getting used to living here and even enjoying it, it is rough but like you said it is also very possible to be happy here.

  6. Your post is perfect! I am glad that things are going well. I know what you mean about the house stuff. My first house in Mexico was pretty bad- poorly taken care of and a land lord that could not care less.

    But then we moved into this place and it is so much better- yes there are still problems but after a year and ahalf in this house- each new month we have done something cool. We jsut built up our fence!!!

    I am glad for your random post.

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes. Amanda, I am SO very proud of all you have done since moving here. And I love how you write from your heart. I consider you to be one of my nearest and dearest friends. :)

    May God continue to bless you and your lovely family! :)

  8. Great post Amanda! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  9. Even though it's the 21st century, you are still one of the few expats who can proudly say you moved to a small Mexican town and thrived!! So glad we've been able to connect via our blogs, and I always look forward to hearing what's going on in your small town life :)

  10. So lovely to read your about your happiness ...

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  12. Amanda, glad you are so happy with your new home. I just moved to a casita with two of the windows screened. It is bliss. I hope to screen the other two soon.

    You are so right about the internet "friends." I always feel a little more normal after reading some of my favorite blogs. I look forward to yours partly because even when things are not great you have such a great attitude. It reminds me that so many times it is all really just a matter of positive attitude and how we choose to look at things.

  13. PV- the windows don't have screens we bought some and that's why they are taped. lol Iv never rented where they have screens but we always find a way to get them up.
    Rebecca thanks for the scooter info we needed it and now have an idea of what to look for.
    Leah you are right I knew this is where I needed to be but wasnt sure I would really be at home, but I am.
    gringation I think good landlords are far and few between. We are keeping this one till we buy for sure.
    Nikki nice to have you on the blog, Im actually finding I find it less and less rough, maybe Im just adjusting but not only am I happy but I feel like my life is normal.
    Rosas- every time I sit on my back patio I think of the pictures you put up of how you fixed yours up. Oh yes it will come eventually.
    Leslie- Im glad you consider me as dear to you as you are to me. I am looking forward to hanging out again soon.
    Mama-anytime ;)
    Alice-If you ever need a break from the city and don't mind a long drive come check things our around here we would love to put you all up.
    Karen screens are such a hassle on these windows they are far from made for them. I think my husband will come up with something better than tap but until then its keeping most of the dirt and bugs out. ;) Good luck getting the others done.