Monday, February 23, 2009

25 things about me

25 Things you may or may not know about me.
So I did this for a friend of mine on face book and decided since I took the time to type it up I might as well put it on here also. Have fun.

1. The most important goal in my life is that when I die, I get to hear God say, “Well done.”
2. I moved to Mexico because I feel God told me to do it. No because of loe or family or any other reason (I think these are good reasons just not mine.)
3. Im most at peace while reading or writing and hearing my daughter laugh at my husband in the background.
4. Almost every day Mexico frustrates, and exhausts me and then amazes and energizes me.
5. I wonder often why Im here on this earth and why Iv ever been where I was at the time. I know life has a higher purpose that will always allude us and that we wont get to know the truest of until were dead. But its fun to try and figure it out while alive.
6. I love tidiness and punctuality both of which a lot of people close to me lack.
7. I miss the smile on patients’ faces when Iv helped them with my actions, touch, smile or words. And I miss sticking people for IV’s, but that’s all I miss about work. 
8. My husband melts me when he tells me I am the love of his life
9. I have picked up backing, I find the challenge it brings me calming, and getting it perfect is rewarding.
10. Im a slight perfectionist in everything I do. I didn’t realize this until I was about 19, because before that I was to stoned to notice. (My husband would make me take the slight off the first sentence. I drive him nuts with it sometimes. lol )
11. I love finding and watching interesting movies that are just well made or haven’t been seen or heard of by most people. Recent example is The Fall.
12. No one has ever made me laugh more hysterically (since a child) than my husband and now my daughter.
13. Alana is the most beautiful ting Iv ever seen in my life and I often wonder how you can feel this way for more than one child. (I shall soon find out.)
14. I love fruit, cheese, and chocolate of all kinds and no not together as my husband would tell you I do.
15. I keep a journal of my life events, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual journey and have since I was 15. I burned my first journal at 15 and this is one of the greatest regrets of my life.
16. I was never a girl to dream of my wedding day and plan it out. (Only that I wanted to be barefooted and I was.) But my wedding was like a fairy tale and was exactly what I would have dreamed of if I had.
17. With in the 1st 2months of dating my husband I head butted him for saying something mean and farted on his lap to see his reaction. He married me anyway. Lol
18. It angers me in the middle of the night to hear my husband snore because I know it means hes getting sleep and Im not.
19. I sometimes struggle with not staying in the present and either trying to plan or worry about the future.
20. A lot of these things my husband is the exact opposite of me. Examples are numbers 6,7,10,15,19,21
21. When catastrophe strikes I somehow always stay calm and collected and this is when I think most clearly. Usually my mind is kinda fuzzy (which is why I want everything in order).
22. I love to read to Alana, play educational games and give her experiences that will broaden her perspective on life. Yes she’s only 2 but she is so smart and picks so much up already.
23. The dearest person to my heart next to my husband and daughter is Shawndra (my sister). NO one else has done more for me physically, spiritually or emotionally. She has made me a better person.
24. My couch is still always open to loved ones even though its in Mexico.
25. My husband and I love to let Alanas imagination take off. If she says there is a piggy in my floor, then there is and we go and pet it.


  1. Amanda,
    It's funny how God works. I too have been feeling lately that God wants our family to move to Mexico. I don't fight it, and I know my family thinks I'm so crazy to be having these thoughts but, I trust God with all my heart so I guess if it is ment to be it will happen. Cesar and I have been married 16 years. I found you from a comment you left on Theresa's blog.

  2. Wow 16 years congrats. God has deff surprised me over and over in all of this. I thought that my dreams were not this life but as Im living it I realize that when he says he will give us the desires of our hearts its truely the desires of our hearts and not just what we think our dreams are. Good luck with the fam I can tell you not everyone agreed with our decision but in the end its between you and God. If you come and even if not keep in touch.