Friday, February 6, 2009

pottie training.

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My daughter is potty trained. Well basically. I brought her to the potty every hour for about 4 days still in diapers. By then she was use to it and just saw it as part of her day. On my husbands day off we went diaperless. She loves her big girl princess panties. The first day we went through 7 pairs, but the next day on 2 and yesterday she went all day without an accident. She even went on the big potty when we were at the store. And for the most part she tells me when she has to go. Man I’m so proud of her she has done so well. So this process obviously doesn’t go much different here than in any other country. Although there are a lot less public restrooms and even fewer that are adequate to sit a 2 year in. So far we have limited our trips out to less than an hour unless we were going to the grocery store which is somewhere she can use the bathroom. But again not much different I really just wanted to brag about the accomplishment for my daughter. 
Also other news is that I’m now a baker. I had been playing with bread here at home and my husband loved it so much he kept talking about it at work. Finally they talked him into bringing in samples. He did and got 12 orders the first day. So we have found us a way for me to help a little with income which is desperately needed. Basically when we added everything up I will be making close to $150p for 6hours of work. This is a good paying job here. It’s obviously not full time hours because that would be a lot of orders for one week. For example my husband works 8hour days and after 3 raises and being with his company for 7 months he’s making about $140p a day. Yes that’s about $14usd. I’m excited to find more ways that I can increase our income from home. I love to do crafts and to bake so maybe both combined will help us out. We may invest in a small portable sewing machine, mainly for me to make cloths and stuff at home but hey if someone likes something I make I could make a little profit. None of this would ever be a lot of income because I can only do so much with Alana and the up coming baby but hey its something and I actually feel like I’m helping some with the income again.
My husband often day dreams about us owning a business some day and I’m just not sure about that. I’m a nurse not a business women, although the reason I was good in management was because of my organizational skills, and my people skills. Both of which a good business women needs. So who knows maybe after some dabbling in selling things I may change my mind. I just feel there’s a lot about figures and junk that we would both need to learn before going and starting our own business. Also all the legal ramifications, of which I think are less here than in the States, but its still something I would need to learn a lot about first.

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