Monday, February 23, 2009

Mexico Baby Shower??????

Well the fiesta was supposed to be a split party for his grandmas’ birthday and my baby shower. His sister planned it this way so more family would be in town. In true Mexican fashion the one who planned it this way didn’t come into town (do to finances, which is understood). So we ate lovely of course and sang to his grandma. Then about 3 hours later they sat me at the head of the table and gave me a few gifts. It was all stuff we needed so it helped us out. They also have a couple bags of hand me down cloths which will help out greatly. But no games or anything because like I said the planner wasn’t there. But it was a fun day. Also right before I started to open presents someone showed up with a kitten and said they knew my husbands’ aunt would take it in. So Alana was given a kitten. We had planned on getting her a bunny or something anyway this next coming week to help her get use to being gentler and us instructing her on how to take care of it. This cat is so tiny it can’t be more than a couple months old, it can hardly walk strait yet. But it des seem to be drinking out of a small bowl ok and eating cat food that we soak in milk so it should survive if Alana doesn’t kill it first. Yes the most exciting part of the fiesta for me was to get the cat. He’s all black which is what I always want in a cat, I had one before I left the states and had to leave him with a friend due to issues getting him over here and not know if we would even be able to adjust with it. So my husband is now making a tiny litter box for the new kitten. I’m not sure how long to wait before expecting him to actually use it because he is so young. He is definitely helping Alana understand what babies are like because he sleeps a lot and when awake just wants to eat. He only gets playful for a bit then is tired again. So we have tons to still get for the baby and for me after the baby but are hoping that my tax money from last year will help us to take care of this. Sorry no fun baby shower stories but Iv found to never expect what you expect down here. Usually things never work out the way you plan, if you plan, but they also don’t usually turn out badly so its ok.

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