Friday, February 6, 2009

FM2 almost done

Net-FM2 almost done
We headed out Wed morning around 7am towards Guadalajara, and got to the office around 930 right after it opened. It took us a bit to find parking because there was a market on the street we usually park on. But our trip there is getting smother because we are familiar with that section of the city now. I was so proud of our daughter we just started potty training a couple weeks ago and she waited until we got there to go to the bathroom. No wet pants all day. Again as we are walking to the building I realize I don’t have everything we think we need. I had forgotten the paper they gave me that proved that I had indeed applied for the FM2. My stomach sank and my husband was a bit upset also, not at me just at the fact that it happened. Being 7months pregnant and worrying about getting everything else together was my excuse but it didn’t change the obvious, we didn’t have the paper. But I kept cool, actually cooler than my husband for a change, because the time I forgot my passport they were so cool about it. We actually only had to wait in line for about 30 or 40min before we got the window and he told the lady why we were there and that all I had was my passport. She grimaced a bit but not to much and asked for my passport. After looking at the computer a min she turned toward file cabinet. I literally out loud, with hands in the air, said “Shes going to the cabinet.” Relief showed on Issacs face and he smiled at my reaction. She pulled out a stack of papers, the ones we had turned in previously, that were joined by nothing more than one of those big clips at the top. The first two papers where identical printed sheets stating that we had been approved and stamped with a seal. She had me sign and date both of them and directed us to the information window. We then got in line there and thankfully it was not that long yet either. The lady at this window gave us a list of items we needed to get and turn in with in 10 days. Due to the baby coming soon we decided to get it all done that day and she told us where we could go close to the building to get all the items we needed. Conveniently on the street right behind the office was set up a little place that did all the necessary stuff in one little place, not just for FM2s but even stuff like hunting lic. These people probably make a killing for doing next to nothing. Here is what we needed and the prices for it all:
-We made our copies at the immigration office but later realized we could have done it at the same place we did the applications. They wanted 2 copies of the first page of my passport, and 2 copies of the affirmation sheet that I mentioned they gave me. We also had to turn in the original so we made an extra copy for ourselves. This totaled $6p.
-they had given us 2 applications which had to be filled out by typewriter only. No you cannot get the form on line, fill it out and print it off. It has to be the ink from the typewriter. This is absolutely crazy to me but what ever we did it. The lady sat down behind her desk and with a carbon sheet between the two forms filled it out with my husband answering most of the questions. Most of which were name and address info, what I looked like, my profession.
-4 frontal pictures and 2 side view pictures. No ear rings or jewelry of any kind, and no glasses.) This is irrelevant but because of the move I needed so badly to wax my eyebrows and Im prego with a fat face and my hair was in a pony tail due to the car trip. I look horrible in the pics. Lol Good thing I have to renew in one year.
-The pics and forms being filled out cost us $130p
-We then walked to the bank to pay the two fees, which were $2,500p and $660p (the bank doesn’t charge for the service). The immigration office had given us two forms that we had to put my name on to give to the bank so they knew exactly what we were paying. You sign two receipts that they keep and they give you two receipts to take back to the office with your other paperwork. But when we went to turn it in she had us make copies of the receipts and let us keep the originals.

And that’s all they needed by this time it was only about 1130 and we had to get a number and wait for our turn to turn in our documents. This was the long part although it only took a little over and hour. We have found its best to get in there early, we were number 29 and they were on like 15 when we got our number so it wasn’t bad. After turning in all our stuff at the window the lady gave us a different affirmation sheet saying we had in fact turned all this in and that we could come back to get my actual FM2 document in 10days and no more than 3 months from then. This form also makes me legal. By now it was almost 1pm and we were hungry. We had planned on checking into getting the approval for a Mexican wedding while there but decided we will do that next time we got to pick up my FM2.
We then got to go to McDonalds (we decided next time its Burger King again, MicyD’s sucks), but Alana had fun playing. And we went to Wal-Mart both of which were a treat because there are none where we live. After getting home my husband had to go to work until midnight because his job is crazy like that. (It was suppose to be his day off)
So, Im legal and will soon have proof of it. The FM2 is good for a year we have to renew it three times and on the third time we apply for permanent residency. Someone at the civil office here mentioned that after we do the marriage in Mexico thing I could get duel citizenship with that but she was a little confused about some other stuff we asked her so were not sure we believe her. We are going to get the Mexico marriage lic though to make any future paperwork easier and because my husbands work will give him 2 days off work and a small bonus for getting married.

Hope this info is helpful, or interesting to some.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats!! I can appreciate the effort and stress that goes with this process.

    Thanks goodness the lost paper was no big deal.

  2. awesome. you were right around the corner from our shop. anywhoo... glad you got your FM2. Can u explain a bit about the Mexican marriage thing? My hubby has spent about 1500 usd trying to get his divorce from the states registered down here and as soon as that is done, we will be registering our marriage and then applying for an FM2. Would it just be easier to get married again? Thanks for the insight!

  3. Which one was your shop the funny thing is we saw one and laughed at the idea that it might be you. Issac said look theirs your friends shop and I said right out of all of Mexico. lol. We have to go back in a couple weeks to pick up the form maybe we can stop in and say hello. :)About getting married here we are doing mainly because of him getting days off and a bonus. If you dont have an apostilled marriage lic from the states this may be easier for you. You have to get permission by someone in the immigration office there in Guad and then basically you need to go to your local civil office and ask for a list of necessary documents. Be sure they know you are American. Tell your husband its the same office Mexicans go to to get their birth certificates. Im sure he would know where it is.

  4. Hello Amanda, your stories, writing and experiences are awesome. Thx for sharing.

    Questions for you:

    This August 2009 i will be living here in Mexico City for 2 years on an FM3. I am a US Citizen married to a Mexican National. Similiar immigration story as yours. Different in that we were married in California 6 years ago.

    Question#1 Do you think we need to be married again here in Mexico? Or can we just get the marriage doc translated in spanish?

    Question#2 Were you on a tourist visa before you applied for the FM2?

    My husband is working here in Mexico City and i have an online biz selling stuff i make and ship to US..etc...not even sure if that breaches my FM3 visa.

    My goal is to eventually get my permanent dual citizenship...any info insight you can share with me would be fabulous!!!

    ooops as you i know you're just about ready to have the baby...congrats to you and family!!! Best wishes on your delivery!!


  5. Jacky, Bad thing is that to get on the road to become a Mexican national you have to be here on an FM2 and have it renewed. I put some sited on the other post that you commented on but heres the home site again.
    You do not need to get remarried here but to have proof for anywhere here it has to be translated into Spanish, and for anything legal like your FM2 you will have to have an apostille from the State you were married in. I did a post on this and it should be under the list of immigration posts, if you cant find it please post another question and Ill find it and tell you the name of the post. The only reason we were going to get married here was because his work gives a bonus and time off work. ;)Yes I was on a tourist visa before applying for my FM2, the best way to find out what exactly you need to have is to go to the immigration office in Mexico city and ask for a list. From what Iv found from reading other stories and living my own is that each office has a slightly diff way of doing things. Oh Joslin is borne so again dont worry about bothering me, it may take me some time to answer sometimes but thats all. So good to meet you.
    How do you like the city life?