Monday, February 23, 2009

Finaly Done with FM2 until Dec

Yesterday we made our last trip to Guadalajara for awhile. Let me tell you I am not a city girl. Yes I know I lived in St. Louis for 5 or 6 years but for the majority of that time I was in North County and didn’t go into the city unless I needed to.
Our first stop was to the immigration building to pick up my FM2 booklet. It looks like a brown passport and has the most horrible picture of me in it that I think I’ve ever taken. But hey what are ID pictures for but to laugh at right? As soon as we got off the elevator on the floor we needed Alana recognized the place and begged to leave. Thankfully we only had to stand in line for about 15 min or so long enough for her to eat a candy bar. lol I gave the lady my papers from the last trip there and she brought out my papers. I had to sign and date about 5 pieces of paper and the booklet, and then I had to put my right and left thumbprint on about 3 pieces of paper and just my right thumb print into the booklet. The thumbprint is done a little different here. Its nothing to big but it is different. If you have ever had to get fingerprints done in the states you know they make you roll your finger a bit to be sure they get the whole print, they do this even with the digital image ones that they have now. But when I went to roll my thumb on the paper she stopped me and said just to lay my thumb on the paper, I didn’t even have to squish it. I always thought the rolling thing was excessive so I was glad about this. Then it was done she sent me off with my booklet and I don’t think Iv felt that relieved in a long time. I’m now legal until December of 2009, they start from the date that you originally start any paperwork. So we have been going back and forth since December, but if you have ever done any immigration stuff with the states you know this is nothing.
We had 2 hours to kill before we could go into the embassy so we found somewhere to eat and took our time with it. Then after finding the embassy we napped in the car for an hour. It didn’t take us to long to find it and only a few turn abounds but by now we were pretty beat and sick of being in the city.
The embassy is far from convenient. My husband and daughter opted to wait outside and I left everything but my papers, ID, and money in my purse in the car. The restrictions for going in are worse than going into the airport, and no I’m not exaggerating. For example; no remote control-including car remote controls, no electrical devises at all-including cell phones, One pill of medication, no liquids ext. The list was pretty lengthy and could really be considered a ride variety of things like at one point it says no sharp objects. I understand this is for safety but I’m not looking forward to going back when I have to get the babies paperwork done because you can’t bring anything in. I’m just gonna have to be sure I’m still nursing at that time. We were going there for a notary which they only due mon-thur from 2-3pm. So you have to show up at like 10 till 2 and stand in line outside. There are 2 lines one for Mexicans and one for anyone else. They admit one person from one line then one person from the other line every few min. I have no idea what they were waiting on between people because when you get inside they give you a number no matter why your there. Then a lady calls out the numbers and asks why your there. At this time she says ok sit back down and someone will call you. OMG you have got to be kidding me, ok remember your dealing with the wonderful US gov now.  I’m proud of the US for a lot of things but come on this is crazy. Anyway after about 30 min in there I managed to get my notary done and was on my way out to look for my daughter and husband.
Then we celebrated by going to the Zoo. We had a blast there and its actually a really nice Zoo and the animals have great landscape to live on. Alana loved the herpateriem (sorry for spelling here not sure on it) and her favorite animal was the bears. This of course made me so happy because I love bears and always have. We stayed there for two hours then took our tired buts back 2hours to our small town and crashed. We are so glad to be back to Smallville. lol So for all you city people out there in Guad we hope to see you next time but it will prob not be until my sister comes for her vacation in June. And I think at that time we are going to do one of those tour buss things so we don’t have to mess with the traffic. Any ideas on those things??


  1. CONGRATS, you're legal! (was it ridiculously expensive??)

    anywhoo.. i haven't been on any tourbuses yet, but I've seen them rollin around the city. Daytime seems perfect for family tours.... but Night tours ARE CRAZY SLAMMED!!!

  2. It actually wasnt all that expensive. Right now I CAnt remember but I know I put all the prices on one of my previous posts. I think it was the most recent one before this thats titled FM2 almost done. Ill tell you that for sure its a lot less than we spent to get a no from the States. Thanks for the advise on the tours.

  3. oops hope i'm not bugging you. I think you may be HAVing the BABY :> Yippee

    i came across this info on the web stating that it's not possible for a US citizen to get dual citizenship in mexico...the US citizen would have to give up their US citizenship first. Is that true...i had never heard or read this before.

    Here is the link...what do think?

  4. Jacky, You are not bothering me!!!!
    I started this blog with a mission :) and if people don't ask questions I cant fulfill that. One thing I have learned is that going to the question and answer sites are always a bad idea when asking questions about Mexico. You need to go to the source and to somewhere Mexican. Below are some sites for you to check out the first is the home page for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico and the secound is a link off that page that discusses becoming a Mexican National, it says nothing about renouncing your American Citizenship. You can and always have been able to be come a duel citizen of the States and Mexico. I actually discussed the possibilities with a lawyer down here about a month ago. Thanks for the question.

  5. Oh cool thx Amanda. Recieved your comment on my blog regarding your feedback on your blog...ohh-e-veh

    oops on on a different computer so i can't forward some information i found...basically i found out that it's ok to have dual citizenship if one gets the Naturalization certificate...through long term residence in Mexico, via having Mexican Children, via having a Mexican Spouse. If a US Citizen applies for Mexican citizenship then they they have to renounce their us citizenship.

    i'll be back with the links

    congrats to you and family on your newest member :>


  6. Oh I do see the difference I think. So if you have family here its ok but if not then you cant do both? I look forward to seeing those sites.