Monday, February 23, 2009


Net- expectations
I actually had some time the other day to read some blogs, two of which are from women in my situation. You see living in Mexico and working for an American company, or living off US dollars and living in Mexico and working for pesos and truly knowing this is where you are to live now, are two totally different situations. Both of these women happened to be writing basically about expectations of life and how when you really look at what counts being here is ok. I realized the other day when napping with my husband that I’m actually happy. Seriously if you knew me before I came you would know I kept a good attitude about the move. But inside I knew I was doing it because it’s what God wanted me to do, and I always wondered if I was truly going to be happy. You see I had built my dreams in the states; I had my dream job of being a nurse, my house, my car, ext. But I was also sad, lonely and felt out of place without my husband and the man I know God has me to be with. I also was stressed to the max seeing my daughter kiss a computer screen and trying to play feed her Papi through a web cam. So we packed up and came, so far I have just been trying to adjust and hadn’t taken a whole lot of time to see how I was feeling about living here. But I know now that I’m happy, not sad, not stressed, and not angry anymore. Sure we are tighter than I’ve been since college on money but who in the world isn’t right now. I look around sometimes at the differences in what my kids will grow up in here and it really is ok. As long as I stress how important school is and keep them homeschooled well on their English and American history and lit. they will have no trouble to go to college in the states. I’ve always known that what goes on at home means so much more than what goes on at school or at church and now my life will be that example. So this post is just to say that I’m happy and have just realized it.


  1. I love this blog. REally from the heart. Yeah. I am happy you are good. and I think being here really makes you appreciate things.

  2. This is great stuff. Keep writing like what you wrote here. It is real. People want to read it.