Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good bye tienda

So the owner of my building is apparently off to the states to try and make some money for his family. Apparently he went broke building this place. He had to close his store and we will be paying rent directly to his wife. So they cleaned out the store yesterday. I watched from my window as they haled everything to their van. Yesterday evening when my husband came home he went in to chat with them a bit. He wishes he hadn't. Ok we all know these little tiendas have to be crawling with roaches. But we buy what we need and move on, its not like we are living there. This particular tienda was one of the cleanest and neatest Iv ever seen. There was no product on the floor everything was up on shelves and the floor was mopped with bleach more than once a day. My husband said when he went in to chat he was so grossed out. The owner was even taking the curtains down and had to shake them out and bugs were falling off of them. My husband shuddered as he was telling me which made me glad I didn't see it. Like I said we all know but who wants to actually see it. So we sprayed our door and window frames so hopefully they don't try to relocate in our house. Anyway sad to see the store go but there is a great one with great owners right across the street. And I hope this guy can get what money he needs and get back to his family. They have 4 boys between the ages of 7 and 9mo. I hope she will let us know if she needs any help with anything I don't know if they have family in the area. This type of thing happens a lot and is why Issacs family thought I was nutz for moving here. They thought I should just stay in the states and work and send money. But for me that is now way to live. Id rather be broke and have my family together.


  1. Have you ever seen the movie "Under the same Moon?". It addresses the issue of Mexican parent(s) being separated from their families after choosing to go to the US and work to send them money. I won't give it away in case you haven't seen it and would like to, but basically the migrant mother realizes that her son just wants HER - not new shoes, clothes, etc. I don't judge an individual's choice to leave their family for work, sometimes they simply cannot make enough to provide even the basic needs to survive, and I'm sure watching children go hungry would be just as unbearable as being separated. So to each his own, but I think if one's basic needs are met, it's best to stay united, even if poor. I hope your store owner will be able to reunite with his family before too long.

  2. Love the new look of your blog it is great!

  3. thats nasty!
    Leah, is that the movie with Eugenio Derbez?

    my in laws told me the same thing. i was like yeah... HELL NO! i couldn't even survive the 2 months he was at ICE detention just a couple hours from my house, let alone all the way here and me over there. His brother thought he was ridiculous for not just going back. they just dont get it.

  4. "Id rather be broke and have my family together."

    Seriously, AMEN ! :)

  5. I made the same choice for my family. While it was not the best decision economically and maybe I could have made more money to send home but it would have been me and my kids in the USA without my husband. That was just not an option for me. Although here in Mexico I do not get to see him very often with his work schedule I at least get to see him sleep. My kids get to get picked up and thrown in the air and occasionally into a cenote when he gets to come.

    I am sorry to hear about the store. I know the feeling of the bugs. Our house is right against the rain forest and some of the animals that come out of there are just insane. If I find another tarantula in my dishes I am going to loose it. :) Keep positive- the family being together is the most important thing and a we always have enough- not as much as we want... but there is enough. :)