Thursday, September 10, 2009

opportunistic little creeps

I realize I haven't bloged in what is a long time for me. But Iv been a little stressed out actually. Its funny because it seems like when your busy you think Oh that would be a fun thing to blog about. But then you never get the time to type it up. So honestly I cant even be sure what all Iv been doing. My English classes are weekly and I still only have one of the students. But shes here every week although shes always late. Sometimes even and hour or so, I even made the class an hour later and she still comes late. She is learning English because she wants to go to the states and I think I need to tell her soon, that in the states its considered rude to be that late for things. Other than that they are going well.
So back to the title of this post. Cockroaches...need I say more... Oh yes I do need to say more... Mexican Cockroaches or you could say Cockroaches in Mexico. They are freaking impossible. Ok so here is my little sad story. I clean with bleach, we spray for bugs, we have screens on all our windows. Well do you want to know what happened. Here I'm all excited because its been a few weeks since Iv seen even one bug in my kitchen or living room. Whoo Hooo so I'm a candidate for The Mom or Spouse of the year award right...
Big fat NO. (Wish I could make that no bigger)
My daughter kept getting little bumps on her torso. Almost like a rash but to random. Finlay it dawned on me to check for bed bugs. I mean they happen right sometimes even to people in the states. We change her sheets almost two times a day depending on how often she pees the bed but I thought what the heck better check anyway and go with my instincts. (I just typed insects instead of instincts, is there a such thing as Freudian typing errors?) Ok so I go in her room and raise her mattress. If you get squeamish don't read the next part. (no its not really that bad). I saw a momma roach and two babies. After further inspection there was a daddy and a couple other babies. They were all on the wooden frame. I flipped out. Seriously I almost threw up, and cried for at least a couple hours. Geesss was the mom award that important you may ask. Well yes to me it was even though it was only in my head. What made it worse was the night before Alana had yelled for me to come in her room and said a bug was on her leg. I did a quick look in the dark and told her to lay down and go to sleep. (I'm seriously cringing as I relay that memory) So there now you know why the award was snatched form under me. My husband takes it all in stride when he gets home we move the bed to the roof and spray the heck out of it. An I checked everything that was under the bed and nothing else had any bugs. I searched and searched trying to find out why this happened. Well apparently if they don't have enough food to eat in the normal places aka. my kitchen then they will try to find it on sleeping humans. Usually you see the nibbles around the mouth and hands but we wash her mouth and hands well every night. Also they were not actually biting her apparently but trying to eat something off her and would accidentally get the skin. The only thing I can assume is that they were going for the moisture from the urine. Yuck Yuck Yuck double yuck. Bugs on my baby in her sleep . AHHHHHHHHHH....Did I say Yuck, and how freaking sad. Ok So maybe I'm still freaking out when I think of it. Gee this was like a week ago and I'm totally not over it. So this week we are again going to take the bed out and spray spray spray in case there were any eggs. So its a catch 22 if you clean to much in the kitchen be sure to watch your beds. My husband kept telling me the same thing I told a fellow bloger, that it wasn't me it was Mexico but that's a huge pill to swallow.
So then a couple days after this I had done the dishes and left them in the drying rack on the counter. The next morning I found a mama and some babies clinging to the bottom of my drainer. That thing only sits there when there is dishes in it and hadn't been on the counter more than 10hours when I moved it. Dang they move in and have babies awfully fast. We have now added roach houses to our arsenal and put them where the girls cant get to them.
I hate these gross stupid bugs and it gave me a little satisfaction to get to kill the ones that were in Alanas bed but not enough. Sigh... my poor baby.
I actually was telling a friend ( who is Mexican) about it and she was so not mortified by it like I was. And then I knew I will always be so American. Some things I will never see as a normal thing.


  1. I am happy to be back in Portland. My whole life here (almost) and I've never had a roach problem. In PV they were the size of cats. lol.

    but so not funny. I feel what you are saying. It is heart breaking when you accidently mistake your childs real complaint for one of the many imagined. I so understand what you are saying.

  2. You still qualify for the mom of the year award! Like Isaac said, the roaches are not your fault, they're everywhere in Mexico. My mom-in-law lifts up the sewer drain lid every once in awhile to fumigate so that the little monsters don't make it inside her house. If looked in that thing and you would not believe the amount of roaches and rats living there. UGH! So no matter how clean your house is, they will make their way into any house! But you're doing a great job of keeping them to a minimum.

  3. What a bummer!!! Roaches here suck. I did notice a few bumps on Little One... I'll have to check them out. I thought they were monster mosquito bites! Yuck!

  4. oh, you poor thing. The roaches are radioactive size here! Some people hre put their furniture in dishes of kerosene to keep bugs from getting into the wood. I've put the dog food inside another larger plate filled with water to keep the ants out of it. I bet you could stand the crib in little dishes of some sort of repellent to keep the nasties away from your baby(maybe some fabulouso it has bug stuff in it and doesn't smell too bad).

    ps. I am the same way about blogging, if I am really busy I don't blog much.

  5. ahg! That's horrible! Now I'm worried, because, like you, I haven't been seeing them in the kitchen as much. Guess I'd better scour the bedroom! Super yucky. If I find one on my baby I'm going to wig out. Good luck!

  6. Oh my CRAP they will come after me in my SLEEP if I don't feed them in the kitchen?????!!!!!!!!!

    OH! AAHHHHH OMG NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Stop it you're KIDDING ME!!??

    It's been 10 months and these things STILL freak me the crap out - if I found one on me or husband or my not-yet-born-baby (ESPECIALY the baby!) I would have a full-on freak out attack. OF COURSE you cried over it! I don't blame you a bit! WHY are they such vile evil creatures?

    OH Gaaahhh thank you for sharing though, I will def. be checking the bed - oh the horror. And you still sound like a super Mom to me btw so just keep on with your bad A** self !

  7. so... what I thought were little bug bites, like yours... actually turned out to be chicken pox!!!!

    just an FYI!!!

  8. Its always so funny to see how many comments you get when you talk about bugs.
    Vadosa and Gringa Thank you all for creeping out with me. I told Issac it actually makes me feel better. Because when I tell anyone who is from around here they all just shrug it off and I dont get to have my little freak out with them. I know it doesnt make things better but it makes me feel better.
    Heather seriously I think that might have been the worst part
    Leslie Thanks also for saying I could still qualify for mom of the year. The problem is its all in my head so Im gonna have to do something over the top to get my ranking back up. lol
    Theresa-sounds like it would work but not a good idea with a three year old running around.
    Dreamer-You know Im gonna have to look into it. Thats what we thought it was at first and I was braced for the horrible fever and everything. Nothing happened its been at least a couple weeks since the first one. But you know I think she was vaccinated against the pocks which doesnt stop them but makes it a lot easier on the kids so now I wonder if thats not what it is. Im gonna have to do some research because even though the bugs are gone the "rash" isnt. And really there were only like 3 or 4 bugs total in her room so I dont think they would have done this much and what I read said they should bite around the mouth and hands where food might be.

  9. Hi, Only two things in life tooootalllly gross me out: roaches and hair (wet hairs ready to attack in the shower especially). We don't have internet due to a storm over a week ago, love telmex, and am picking up a signal on a roof where hubby is working. Just wanted to say hi and will definitely be back to talk when we get internet back.

    I am also here because hubby can't come back to the States, so we will talk.

  10. Pobrecita!! Cockroaches are to Mexico what houseflies are in the US. I agree that Mexicans are not grossed out, humored, or horrified like we are by the trials of life. This weekend, I was watching one guy get out of a truck and he fell into his friend and almost kissed him. Nobody laughed except us -- that's not universally funny?

  11. I will freak out with you ANY day of the week! GAAAHHHH And you're right, the people here just aren't bothered!! Not even my husband and he grew up in the States? What what??

  12. I would of cried for hours tooo...i would of pulled an....i gave up everything to be here with you and i grew up with hot water and no bugs and no dirt....i've never lived like this before....i cant take it anymore...white girl nutty! My baby! my baby! I did the same thing when i found a scorpion in my bedroom, above the closet!
    (((hugssss)))) mama!

  13. Sunshine-"The white girl fit" seems to be a proper name. Im sure his family thinks Im weak but I dont care I need a freaking break, I havent visited the states since we left over a year ago I need to go back soon.