Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thankfull-My day

I am thankfull for the slow down in my life. Although sometimes I think it is going to drive me crazy I know it is good for me and my family. So here is a day in the life of me. I wake up at 6 or 7 when ever my alarm clock goes off. My alarm clock is my 6month old wanting to eat. I feed here and during this time judge whether or not she wants to go back to bed. Usually she doesn't so I put her in her bouncy seat and make the coffee. I then do some sort of excessive while going and smiling at the baby to keep her happy. By now my coffee is done and I'm ready to sit down and do my bible study. Around now my husband is either gone for work or getting up and getting ready. (his start time changes from day to day) Either way when he gets up I poor his coffee and if we have something set out something for him to eat on the way to work. We exchange our good mornings, I love yous, kisses and hes off. Right about now (or in the middle of my bible study depending on little bit got hungry) My 3 year old yells from her room, "Mommy I go potty." Thankfully now this means she needs to go potty and not that she has gone. I go give her lots of morning love and kisses and most likely ask her to help me pull her sheets off the bed because she has gone potty at some point in the night. We eat breakfast together and I read her some bible verses, and we sort of talk about them. She is after all 3. Then its time to clean house and get laundry started. By the time Im done with that the baby is ready for a short morning nap and its alone time with the 3 yr old. Then we play ( I love this part) and or read books together all three of us. Now its time for lunch and nap time for my 3yr old and sometimes the baby at the same time. Sometime in here papi comes home for lunch. I love that we get to spend lunch together we usually discuss our days and I tell him all the cute things the girls have done. Sometimes now I take a nap, or start or finish a project or get online, something for me. Then when the girls get up from their nap we have a snack. Then more play time and most likely a movie unless she watched one in the morning time. I only let her watch 2hours or less of TV/Movies a day. So this usually consists of Peep and the Big Wide World and a Movie. Most days we experiment with what ever she learned on Peep. Throughout the day the baby moves from the floor on or half off her blanket with toys, her bouncy seat, the highchair when we are eating, or surrounded by pillows in the floor so she can practice sitting up. Sometimes the 3 yr old will be caught giggling and playing with "baby sister." Also the three yr old right now loves to pretend she and the rest of us are characters from her movies. We love to play along. Then I cook dinner and hopefully papi is home in time to eat with us. Most days he is but when not the 3 yr old wont eat well. I think shes sick of me by dinner and unless papi is at the table she just doesn't eat. Then most days its bath time, PJ's time, Book time, sing a song and off to bed. Now is when me and papi get our time to read our study and talk, then watch our favorite shows. We go to bed at a decent time most nights. Randomly we get to go out and we always wait till we have the girls in bed. Also randomly during the day I will take the girls on a walk or when papis off and can help me we go to the park or do something fun.

Iv learned how to say... "That can wait till tomorrow." And let me tell you what that is a big deal for me. And I realize now that most things can wait until tomorrow. Now I wont take it as far as my Mexican husband and keep saying this forever. lol But at least now I can say it for most things and mean it and not be anxious about what ever it is.

I love all this time with my girls and the fact that I get to teach them and play with them.


  1. speaking of dress up... I was at costco the other day and those costumes are in! They have cinderella and snow white. Lemme know if you're interested!

  2. Melissa- We are actually heading to the states over Halloween so I plan to get the after Halloween sales there. But thank you so much.