Sunday, September 27, 2009

not allowed in school

Ok so I really am trying to be positive but I have found something about the Mexican public school system that is just making me fume inside. One of my husbands cousin is 16years old. We hadn't seen her in like a few months and she hadn't stopped in like she use to. We wanted to go out the other night so called her mom to see if she could babysit. She said she could if she wanted to but that we needed to be aware that she was pregnant. Well crap there goes another one (my 16yr old niece in the states just had her first son). I don't condemn these girls because I know its not my place. But also because I would have been in their same position had I not had an older sister who forced me to go to the clinic as soon as she found out I lost my virginity. But what I do is to be sure they know and understand everything that is happening to them and what they can do to try and keep their lives on track. My niece is getting her GED and has hopes to someday go to college when that rout is available to her. For now she is doing her best with the also young father to make her new young little family work. So today I brought all my prego cloths over to our cousin (when she came to baby sit last night she was in some way tight pants and a sweater that was way to tight also. She kept saying how hot she was. So I explained to her that its not good to have constricting clothing on and helped her to see that she could look pretty in the cloths I brought without hurting herself of the baby. At the park today I talked with her a lot about how things were going like if the dad was in the picture. He is and they plan to get married, but he will move in with her family for a bit until the baby is bigger and they feel more equipped to care for him. When I asked if she was in school, she said no and looked so sad about it. I told her that now it was more important than ever to get her education. Yes she knows this but she is not allowed. Girls who get pregnant are kicked out of school. My jaw dropped to the floor and I was so mad that I actually couldn't speak in Spanish for a min I was kind of going off in English. After I calmed down I told her I was very sorry to hear this and knew there was nothing more I could say. How in a country that says the care about their children can you have such a rule. At least have a separate place for them to go or something. I'm not talking about a private school here people I'm talking about a public one. And even if there were a private school that would accept her they couldn't afford it. So there it is if teenagers who make mistakes are given no chance to better their future then Mexico cant expect to excel much as a country. OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE... and the teenagers are our more immediate future. I'm seriously so mad about this that I feel like screaming but I wont because I know it wont change anything. But dang it if I'm still here when my daughter is a teenager I plan to push my through some people and tell them what a huge mistake this is. I hope that this is never one of my girls and I know she screwed up and I know what she did was wrong and she should have waited, believe me I wished often that I had. But Shit happens.... Ok that is all I can say on the issue with out loosing my cool any more than I have.

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  1. When I was in school, you were kicked out if you got pregnant. They didn't want the other girls to get ideas. There was one school in another town that pregnant girls could attend to get their high school diplomas though. I knew a few girls in my graduating class who were pregnant, but the school didn't officially know, so they got to graduate. We love Mexico because it's like the USA in the 50s and 60s but there are also the down sides of that era.
    Your niece is lucky to have you around to help her.