Friday, May 22, 2009

Bring on the Rain

I came here last year the last week of June, which in our town is in the middle of the rainy season. Let me tell you before I never understood why people called it the rainy season. I have a sponsor child in Africa and she would always talk about the rainy season and I always thought, "is it really a big deal that it rains."
Now I know oh yes it is. Because when I came in June it was sweltering hot and humid in St. Louis where I'm from I kept bragging about how good it felt here in Tepa. The weather here has never hit an extreme like it does in MO for both seasons. And I have managed to brag about that most of the year to friends and family. ;)But in April our apartment started to get a tad bit uncomfortable in the evenings even with a fan on.
It rained, AHHHHHHHHHHHH lovely rain. And since the first rain I must say I have not broke a sweat in my house. And have rarely had the fans on.
This all kinda goes back to the electric issue we discussed in a previous blog. Living here you don't need fans and space heaters to often so it seem logical. But I forget that those who live on the coast are gonna be toasting pretty soon.
Not only is the rainy season a big deal because it feels better but because when it rains it pours. If you see a rain cloud you better duck and cover or your gonna get drenched, then its gone. Just like that it rains cats and dogs, rarely with lightning and thunder, then just goes away as quick as it comes. I really like this because this means I can let my daughter play in the rain and know the sun will be out soon to dry her off.
Of course this also means plants get to grow healthier. More fruits and veggies in the market than I thought could ever exist at one time of year. Oh and the flowers, we love the flowers, natural and gardened. This also means my allergies get to flare up like crazy. But Ill take flowers over non itchy eyes any day. We took a walk and took pictures of the flowers the other day. Its funny Iv been here a year and still want to take pictures of the flowers, as if I'm not gonna see them every year for the rest of my life. lol
So now its time to see how horrible the streets and parks flood and have the rain pour in under the doors. I'm on the third floor but with no insulation around the doors and as hard as the rain comes down our rooms still get a lot of water. I meet a lady who made a sand bag type thing for her door and I plan to do the same for ours. Although it will only go there when its raining because the breeze from under the door is nice.
My daughter is loving the rain even when were inside she wants her shoes, socks, and coat with hood on when it starts coming down. Then she goes to our laundry room (which is mostly open at the top) and does her best to "not get wet."

Rain Rain don't go away,
stay to play another day...


  1. The rain season is so nice!!! I love that it's still hot enough during the day that my laundry dries before it starts to rain mid-afternoon.

    The rain season is very important to the local farmers because as soon as the season starts, they plant corn, chilies and other stuff like green beans and pumpkins!

  2. No rain for us yet!!! Oh mann! It is hot.

  3. I ran acrosss your blog through another blog, I did not see an email for you so i thought i would leave a comment. (unrealted to your post)

    I dont know what your story is (havent read your whole blog yet) but am encouraged to find someone possibly in a similar situation. I too am a christain woman and my husband is living im Mexico, unable to return. We have a 2yr old son. He lives in Jalisco as well (el grullo) He left 3 weeks ago. Me and my son are going to visit for a month in about 4 weeks. I am nervous as i have never been to Mexico and residing there long term may be our only option.

    I will continue to read your blog and pray that things work out for your family and other families in our situation. I would love to connect with you or hear more of your story. Feel free to email me at


  4. Rebecca, I will deff e-mail you. Finding ladies like you, or them finding me is why this blog excitst the great thing is I can kind of introduce you to a few other gals who are also in similar situations. Just check out the profiles on those that fallow my blog. And even if they are here because they want to be, or are retired here they are all chalked full of information. Nice to meet you I will be e-mailing soon.

  5. Hey Amanda, your writing style is great! This blog is really easy to navigate, too. I'm no technical expert or anything (yet! :P) but I'm usually looking for a few things: what the blog's about, how to find specific topics, how to find out about you/contact you, and to be able to interact - subscribe/comment/clicky stuff. Your blog has all that, and it's very clean.

    I want to apologize for not keeping up with it since you've started it. Samantha and I are your friends and I've not read all this. I feel that it's traitorous, but I'll make a point to keep up with it, now!

  6. Brian thanks for the comment, read away but you all prob already know everything that's on here. lol
    Because you are good friends you keep in contact enough that you haven't needed to read it. But I appreciate your input.