Sunday, May 31, 2009

IMSS, getting the babies booklet

Ok Im going to write about the IMSS, although I have only a little experience so far. I got good treatment in the private hospital and at the private doctor during my pregnancy and delivery. But as Iv said before I was appalled at the lack of teaching done. As a nurse you are taught this is top priority, an educated patient is more likely to be a healthy patient. Each time we have gone to the IMSS office here in Tepa aside from being obviously busy they tell my husband in detail what he needs to do for the next step.
So here is what happened..
We brought in our Mexican marriage lic, and both girls Mexican birth cirt's, We got there around 10am which was good for us. As soon as we got the the window where no one was in line a huge line appeared behind us in line 2 min. Note to self always go in early. My husband told the lady we were there to sign up for the Seguro Social, she said "ok do you have your paperwork." He handed her the papers and she laid them on her desk and walked away for like 5 min. During this five min every time someone that worked there walked past the window people from the line behind me attempted to reach around me with what ever documents they had to I guess throw them at someone. After I finally looked at my baby then back at the line of impatient people with a look saying "I have an infant, and you might have the flu, BACK OFF." They did, and I actually heard someone else who was in line say something similar to the folks that were hovering over us. During this time of waiting my husband explains a sign that is on the window. It says that we will have to also have a proof of residence, or address, opps we didn't bring this. Well she didn't ask and we didnt tell. That's how it goes here. This sign also says something about getting an appointment to get your actual booklet. Now shes back and asks my husband something, he then asks me when should we do our appointment morning or eve. Well eve of course I say so your off work. After she leaves he says I think I would have rather morning so I can get out of work. ;) Well I say we need to save that day for going to Guad to get the babies papers done. Then he explains to me that this meant that every appointment we ever have will be in the eve. This is where the whole speaking two different languages when speaking English thing comes into play. How the heck was I suppose to know that. Anyway, then the lady comes back and stamps a bunch of papers and gives us our original copies back and one half sheet of paper that she had stamped.
My husband asks her how we now get our booklet and she points us to another desk at the other side of the building. During our walk over there my husband explains that this is where we will go for every appointment.
While my husband is talking to the lady there an elderly lady comes up to her and hands the employee her booklet. I see something strung across the booklet, and register pretty quickly that its blood. Oh yes the employee stuck her hand right in it. Obviously unhappy she gets a cotton ball of alcohol and wipes her hand, the book, and give it to the lady to stop her finger from bleeding. (And I want to work here?) She informed us that you don't get your booklet until your first dr. appointment which is only when your sick. My husband quickly explains that we need the booklet for the baby so we can get her US papers done. Oh then the lady smiles and gets to work. Wow this is the first time I have gotten special treatment for being an American. She gets a booklet writes that we had an appointment that day and staples the babies picture to it. I'm now wondering if this will really work as the babies photo ID for her passport. We shall see I suppose.
Now a along with the ID booklet and instructions on how to get in to see a Dr. when needed came an educational book about keep you child healthy. I'm loving this. Finally some teaching. Sure I knew all the things it talked about but a first time mom or someone with no medical background may not. I agreed with everything in the booklet and was impressed on how current the information was. So at least the Mexicans who use the public system are getting some type of education. Now the only problem with this is that no one did or would actually teach us using any other form of communication. All people have their own learning styles and some can not read (even in the states), so although this does lack the variety that it should have I'm just glad to see an attempt.
This seems a little long winded after reading it, but when I first came here I was looking for true examples of what its like to be here and know nothing. So I tried to put my full experience here.


  1. Amanda - do you know whether a couple needs a Mex. marriage license to register their Mexican born baby here? I'm a US citizen, my husband's Mexican, and we were married in the US. I'm looking for information, but as you know that can be hard to come by. I thought you might have the answer. :)

  2. Vadose, glad to meet you....
    Wow again I'm amazed at how many women who are in our situation.
    Ok it kinda tricky...
    You dont have to have the Mexican lic. BUT...
    You have to have an apostilled, translated lic from the states.
    This is kinda a pain and cost to get done. So they suggested we get one and turn it in and they would give us a Mexican lic. This way for any paperwork that we needed a marriage lic for we could just go back there and get an official copy of the Mexican on (instead of getting an appostilled, translated one every time.)
    Do you have an appostilled translated lic. If not this is the first step. You need to go to the state site for where you were married and read about how to get one there. Be sure you are specific that it has to have an apostille. Check out some of my other blogs under, Immigration or US system and if you have more questions go ahead and post a comment. You can also e-mail me at
    Hope this helped if you need me to be more specific just shote me an e-mail