Thursday, May 14, 2009

Say what?

So Im at the grocery store today by myself. Oh yes its the first time Iv gotten out of the house alone since I had the baby. My husband stayed home with the kids, believe it or not I was so excited about this trip to the store. Hee Hee. So I'm checking out the cheese that is not at the deli because I feel bad for the deli ladies that have to deal with me every week. They are so patient and nice to me but I try to give them a break from time to time. Next thing I know one of them is at my side smiling and telling me the cheese at the deli is cheaper and better. I smile and say ok and follow her over. (OH just a reminder my husband works at the store so they know me kinda). So we go through the routine and I do fairly well and she corrects me when I don't. Next thing I know I hear from behind me, "Your Spanish is good." yes that's what I heard and it was in English. I laugh and say thank you and wait for her to now start talking to me in Spanish. (A lot of people around here know a few phrases or words but can not carry a conversation in English and this sinario has played out for me before). So I don't hold my breath and I wait for the broken Spanish conversation Im about to have. "No really you are doing well," she says (I assume my doubt showed on my face). Again I laugh and say."Im trying, Iv only lived here for about 10 months and didnt know much when I came."
The next question as always is," Oh you LIVE here." Although she didn't have the same "What are you thinking" face that most Mexicans have when I say "yes, with my husband." to this question. She then asked how we meet and I told her, the usual that he was living in the states, we meet at church, then for some reason I was compelled to say, "He cant go back so I moved here." I think that her lack of surprise about me living in Mexico spurred on the last part. When people act like its nuts that Im here I get a little defensive and don't explain that I have to be or be with out my husband. We continued a nice get to know you conversation about where we were from and such, and I told her how wonderful it was to stand in the grocery store and talk to someone. Im a talker you see, yes I'm the one who strikes up the odd conversation with you in the elevator even though I know Ill prob never see you again. But you must have interested me or I wouldn't have said anything. (all people are interesting to me)
Anyway sorry thats moveing off subject. We exchanged numbers and she said to call and we would set up a time to have dinner. And we could meet her family who all speak english and have at some point lived in the States. Whoooo whooo...
And so I will call.
But this brings something funny up. Would this ever happen back in the states that you meet someone in the store and exchange phone numbers?


  1. Amanda,
    When I first moved to Mexico I didn't know much Spanish and for the first year I was walking around in a bit of a fog so I know how you must feel sometimes. The good part is that one day the fog will lift and you will find yourself talking and thinking in Spanish and the first time that you realize that you are thinking in Spanish it will completely blow you away. It will be a nice feeling. You won't be done learning though. That will take the rest of your life :)

  2. What an awesome experience! But what really struck me, was that my hubby and I also met at church!!!

  3. Amanda, I am a talker too. Or maybe I am a responder, strangers always talk to me. Even in here. Eventually, it will get easier, I am glad you exchanged numbers with the lady. She sounds nice.
    I remember once when my girls were toddlers and I was not working, I told my husband "I need to get out of the house, I need to talk to someone over 3 feet tall!!!"

  4. That's cool! I'm glad you found a friend! haha... we've done the same with hubby's tattoo clients that speak english. Bob is right. Eventually, you will get to a point where you will think and speak spanish. I'm almost there. Some days I can, some days I can't.... mostly can't. But it's going. One day, you'll come visit me here in GDL, and possibly, quite possibly, (after many drinks, of course.) we'll have a conversation in spanish. ;)

  5. It is funny how a trip to the grocer can be so great when a mommy with young kids - glad you had a good outing!

  6. Amanda,

    I found your blog the other day while searching for all I could find about moving to Mexico. It's great to hear other stories of families that are going through the same situation as mine. I'm still living in the States, but it has been a year and half since my husband was taken away from me and our 2 girls. I really want to move there soon. I'm glad you have adjusted. Take care, Jodi

  7. Jodi-as much as I hate to hear of another family torn apart by the system Im glad my site is helpfull. Keep reading and ask any questions. Also if you look to the left of my blog there is an e-book there I suggest you look into if you are going to move down here. I wish I had it before I moved.