Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting the babies US citizenship part 1

So we went to the US consulate in Guadalajara's website and gathered information. We made a print out of all the things we would need and began to gather them up. Also there are some forms to fill out on the computer and print out which I did also. I made sure we have everything we need for her CRBA which is the document saying that she is a citizen although been born not in the US, and for her passport. One item we needed was a photo ID of the baby and we got that through the IMSS. Next you have to make an appointment online and I did this also. The bad thing is that there were no dates available until June 24th. This kinda sucks because we are hoping to get a flight to the states this summer while prices are so cheep. So we are now praying that they stay cheep until after that date. I will post what documents I put together more specifically when I find out for sure they are all the right ones.


  1. Good Luck - hopefully it will go easily.

  2. Amanda, I recently stumbled across you blog and am loving it! Please do post more information when you have it. I'm just a few steps behind you.

    I'm also living in a small town in Jalisco, married to a Mexican man I met in the states, waiting for a visa I can only hope he'll one day get. I'm nine months pregnant and about to pop, learning Spanish, coping with cultural differences, and blindly figuring out how life works down here.

    It's comforting to read the experiences of someone else in a similar situation, and any information or tips you have about getting a new baby's paperwork in order is incredibly helpful! Please keep posting!

  3. AMMIM, thanks so far so good.
    Geesse you sound just like me, although by the time I was 9mo prego I had been here 9mo. ;)
    Im looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you.

  4. Our fingers are crossed, too! We're picking up a futon for you and the kids, and we've cleared out enough space to put it in the studio. You'll have your own room when you come to St. Louis!

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I am an American living in GDL too. I'm five months pregnant with my first child. My husband and I don't have any intention on going to the US to live due to his job. I would love to make some friends here, because quite honestly, its been a rough few months of marraige. (we've been married since oct 08). I looked for an email address for you, but didn't find one. If you had time or interest, would you be willing to make a new friend? My email is

    Sincerely, Cathy Baxter Gonzalez