Friday, May 1, 2009

Bugs you cant live with em, cant live without em

Not that you don't want to live without them but in Mexico I swear there is no way to keep them out of your house. Its the time of the year for mosquitoes, and lots of bugs that I don't even know the name of. So what to do about this predicament, we sprayed, then you really find out how many bugs there are. When I clean Im constantly sweeping up dead bugs, and spiders. Well at least they are dead right, but the spay wears off in about a week, so you just spray again, and again and again. Most of these bugs are harmless and wouldnt bother me much, except.....
Scorpions, their season is getting closer and closer, creeping up on me like a nightmare. Ok so its not really that bad but I am still freaked out by them. And from what I understand the only way to keep them from your house is to keep the bugs out. I know from last year they are not bothered by bug spray or even the Ajax that has bug repellent in it. So we use both of these constantly through out the buggie months and hope and pray there is no yummy lunch for the scorpions in my house.
The question is have I adjusted more to Mexico since last year. Will I freak out less when I see the scorpion, inside or outside of my house. Will I be able to keep them out better than last year. Oh I hope so. The war is on and I will beat them (the bugs and scorpions). I will not let them get to my babies or me. ;) Yes I know Im being dramatic but sometimes its how it feels.


  1. Amanda,
    I have a suggestion. I learned this from the cleaning ladies. When you wash your floors add some "cloro" (chlorine bleach) to the soapy water. This kills all of the tiny organisms on the floor that you can't see but what the other bugs eat. No food, no bugs, no bugs, no "alacranes" (scorpions). Believe me this works very well. Kind of makes sense too.

  2. Hey amanda, what have you done to rid your house of those pinche sancudos? I cant find a consitant way of getting rid of mosquitos and once I do, they find a way to sneak up on us!!! Have you found any solutions? Please spill!!!

  3. Refried Dreams, so far all I do is burn those awfull smelling spiral things, It works while they are burning but almost runs you out of the house also. There are also these little plug in things from raid that we used last year some but they are more expensive. No I havent found the trick to mosquitoes, although I do plan to do a mesh or tool type of thing hanging around my girls beds, The 2 year olds will resemble a princess bed thats how I plan to get her to sleep in it. this may work for your girl but not sure for the boy. ;)
    Bob thats a great idea and it does make since Ill have to try it. Do you think that its ok to mix the bleach with the Ajax that has repellant in it?

  4. Amanda,
    I don't think that would hurt anything. Just use about a half a cup or so of bleach in the bucket with your Ajax but I do think you should wear rubber gloves if you wring the mop by hand. Or, if you are worried about mixing the two together use the Ajax first and then go back afterward with a bleach solution. I had a problem with cockroaches and once I stated using the bleach they disappeared. I walked barefoor on the tile and never had a problem either. I don't think the bleach actually sticks to the tile. I think it kills the tiny dust mites and other itty bitty things that the bigger bugs feed on. One other thing that seems to work with scorpions is cats. They seem to be natural enemies. Once you have a cat I doubt if you will ever see a scorpion.

  5. Bob, thank you so much for the info, we have seen at least 2 roaches in our one cabinet in the kitchen, so Im grossed out about that. Ill also use the bleach on the counter tops and stuff. I just found some weird looking bug on my counter. And no I dont ring out my own mop, Iv adjusted to some things but I hate those big thick mops they are gross, I like the one I can change out and the bucket that has the spot that rings out the mop for me.
    Refried Dreamer- My husband told me a trick for the mosquitoes, we tired it last night and it seemed to work. Poke holes in Oranges with a toothpick and put cloves inside the holes. We didn't get bit last night but Im wondering what this will do about the other bugs like nats and roaches and anything else. Also Im assuming we have to use a new orange every night and that seems like it would get pricey. Im gonna try to put them in the fridge today and pull them out again tonight and see how it goes. Ill let you know.

  6. Amanda,
    I think there may be some truth in that "orange with cloves" thing. When I lived in Kansas people used to place the fruit of the "Hedge" tree which is also called "Osage Orange" in their kitchen cabinets and they would never even see a cockroach. The fruit looked like a green citrus orange.

  7. Mosquitos have robbed us of many precious nights of sleep in the last few months. I recently bought a bottle of Autan insect repellant crema from the farmacia, and we put it on every night before bed. Isn't sticky, goes on like lotion, and just a hint of repellant smell. Has worked well so far. Good luck with the bugs!

  8. If you burn the coils, burn them just outside the door to the room you are in. The idea is that the mosquitoes won't cross the smoke into the room and you don't have to breath the smoke. Also if you have your ceiling fan going it discourages them.
    The number one thing to do is get rid of their breeding grounds, they can even breed in an old soda bottle lid. Dump out anything that can hold water.
    Ajax has bleach in it, it's chlorine bleach and ammonia that will kill you (or seriously damage your lungs)if you combine it. So it's always best to err on the side of caution.
    The only thing about mosquito nets is that they are hot, seriously, you wouldn't think that they trap much heat but they do. You can think of it as a tropical theme for the boy's room, you know, African Hunter with mosquito net.
    Also bang your shoes before you put them on. So if there are scorpions in there they will come out before you put your toes in their caves. Of course, if you are like me and seem to only own flip flops that isn't a problem.

  9. Thanks Theresa for the warning, I checked the ingredients and the Ajax repel doesnt have ammonia in it. I do think that on top of the mesh I have put on the girls beds, I will keep burning the coils, and maybe look into the lotion. I hate mosiquitoes bites and you never know what comes a long with them.

  10. I hate the zancudos, alacranes and capulina spiders. To help with the mosquitos, we use the raid plug in things. Bob, might be right about cats. I have had a cat for 2 years, and I have found many DEAD scorpions in our back patio. As for the capulina spiders, my hubby usually can tell by the spiderweb, which has a thicker weave. If he sees a spiderweb, he'll just spray some Raid, Baygon or H24.

    Don't mix Ajax with bleach. Use either, but by itself. Most restaurants and stalls in the mercado swear by Ajax. I've also seen locals, make balls with Leche Nestle and some kind of powdered acid, to help rid roaches. I haven't tried it, because I have 4 kids. I don't want them eating one of the balls, thinking its candy! Good luck to you!

    What I'm really not looking forward to is the rain season. We get mice and rats galore after the first rains!

  11. Leslie,
    The powder is "borax" (in English and Spanish). Actually it is the best way to clear up a serious roach infestation. Before you go to bed at night you sprinkle it on the kitchen floor. The roaches get it on their feet and then lick it off of their feet. In the morning you just sweep up the borax and the dead roaches. Borax is harmless to humans but death on roaches. The market people use the sticky sweet ball covered with borax to both attract the roaches and poison them at the same time. Most commercial anti-roach powders are nothing more than borax.

  12. Actually Bob posted the comment about the cat just in time. We got a kitten about a month before the baby was born and got her litter trained just in time. But she is a crazy one, just like a cat I had back in the states. Back then I thought it was cute but I didnt have a baby and a 2 yr old. We were on the verge of getting rid of her until Bob left that comment. So now we will keep her to keep the scorpions away.
    That powder sounds a little scary to me with the 2 yr old and baby, although maybe if I just put some in the cabinet with the trash, because that's where we see them and obviously no one walks in there. Ill have to consult the hubby on that one.
    Leslie, are those the long legged spiders or the ones that look kinda like wood spiders. That's the only two kinds that I have seen other than tiny ones that don't seem to be to harmful.