Monday, May 25, 2009

buggen out!!!!!!

Fiddledee dee, Fiddledee dee
The fly has married the bumblebee,
Will you marry me sweet bumblebee.....
I made a book of short nursery rimes for Alana. This is one of my attempts for her to be familiar with all things American. (I found it on a website full of hundreds of free printable books for kids,, they have books in English and Spanish)Anyway the point in bringing it up is that we keep getting bees in the house. This is totally freaking me out because neither of my girls have been stung and I don't know if they are allergic. I seriously need to get an epi pin in the house then I will feel much better about this. The other day I saw one and a huge fly was right behind it. The fly was trying to mate it I think. I'm not sure but it was right on top of the bee and the bee didn't seem to happy about it. They flew around the house for a bit then out the window they went. Then I wonder is this where this nursery rime came from.
So we found lavender coils for the mosquitoes that cost the same as the green ones. They still stink but not as bad. We had been using them outside of each bedroom door and kitchen window for about a week. They work great. One night we forgot and didnt get eaten a live. So we got lazy and didnt put the coil outside the bedroom doors the next night. Bad idea.....
I got four bites that night, one of which I'm wondering if its not a mosquito. And it hurt when I got bit, although so did one of the others that I do think is a mosquito. But the first one is on the inside of my leg and got the size of a 10p coin, and stayed big for like a week. The others didn't get so large or stick around as long. Its still pretty red and I'm keeping a close eye on it. So now coils are being used every night regardless. We also have managed to get a mosquito net type of thing over both girls beds. Although Alana keeps knocking hers down, I'M still working on making it permanent with out it being to permanent. Also we bought some plastic screen from the hardware store. This was no easy task. The the windows on the doors in both bedrooms don't open. So we have to screen the whole door. We bought Velcro and silicone glue to put the screen on the doors. This way we can take it down if we need to. For the laundry area we are just going to use the silicone. I hope it works, I haven't gotten that far yet. The baby got a couple bites on her face and the next day my husband also bought me some bug spray that doesn't stink, it smells like lemons. I have been putting it on me and my 2 year old every day and on the baby's cloths before putting them on her.
We have to get rid of our scorpion eater (cat) because she is starting to spray and my husband refuses to pay to get her fixed. I do agree with him partially but I wanted a scorpion eater. Ill be dropping the cat off Monday at his aunts house in the country. Maybe while were out there we can find a male and exchange it.
Well I suppose that's all for the bug situation at them moment.


  1. We did something similar to screen in our window, but used duct tape. Obviously, every time it rains, we have to shut it and undo the tape. I have some magnetic tape that I might try or like you, try some velcro. Does the velcro seem to work well for you?

  2. So far so good with the Velcro but it hasn't rained yet. Ill let you know.

  3. Remember how Isaac sprayed pestkiller stuff under the doors at your old apartment? I keep thinking that there exists some similiar product that you can use around doors and windows that will work for insects. Have you looked for anything like that?

  4. So far we have been using Raid spray, but it doesn't seem to last long. We did see something at the hardware store that looked promising but I think we will wait till we run out of the Raid.