Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What the......

So my reading list of blogs somehow went to ZERO. How did this happen? Did this happen to anyone else or in my sleepy delirium did I somehow delete them all? Well crap if you are reading this and know I was following your blog please comment so I can be sure to find you again, and by finding you will most likely find my other American/Mexican friends. This is so sad and crappy.
On a good note a good friend from the states is sending me scrap books stuff. WHoooo Hooo.

Please comment......


  1. Here I am, Amanda :)

  2. Something like that happened to me earlier this week. I signed out, then signed right back in and everything was back to normal. It might have something to do with the maintenance that the site is performing.

    Doesn't it feel great to receive a care package from the States? No matter what it's always nice.

  3. Your right it came back later. Whew.

  4. I can't scrap book, it wouldn't be good for me to start. When I really get into projects I sometimes loose track of time and everything. Scrapbooking looks like the sort of craft that would do that to me. Also too much new stuff for me to buy.
    Then again, I wish that I had taken more photos of my kids and kept the ones that I did take in better condition. I love looking at other people's photo albums.

  5. Thanks Bob, after I stoped freaking out I thought about the fact that I could just go to old posts and look at the comments from those. HEe Heee.
    Leslie, Care packs from friends and family are the best.
    Theresa, I think your right, I started scrapping for my wedding and when my first was born I did one for her first year and every year since. When she was tiny and would sleep a lot I spent hours hunched over the book. Now with the two of them Im good to get 30min to an hour in but I'm determined and will deff get Joslins done. Right now Im still working on 08 and am only up to June.

  6. it happen to everyone once in a while ;-P

  7. I am so glad that you got them all back. :) That would freak me out. I hate when my computer decides to remind me that it is smarter then me. :)

  8. i'm here too!

    BTW... when you come back to guadalajara, i found a scrapbooking place off av. Mexico if you're interested! :)

  9. Thanks all for posting, ;)
    Dreamer, I am deff interested, the only place I had seen anything for scrapping when in Guad was at Sandy's, which is an English book store, but it wasn't a lot and was expensive. When we do make the trip again it will be worth checking out. Its good to know there is even such a place. I was starting to think there no one here scapped.