Monday, May 4, 2009

Chapala Lake

Because we got our Mexican Marriage lic my husbands work is giving him the benefits that he would get if we were newlyweds. So he gets 2 extra days off, and some cash. We have decided with these extra days we are going to drive down to the lake and check into a few things. My husband was raised there and he knows a few people from there also his sister lives about and hour from there. We are mainly looking to see if we can find a church that would work for us. That is the one thing that is not working for us here. My husband says there are a lot of English speakers in that area, this is why his English is so good, because he was raised around a lot of English speakers. So we are hoping there might be a church or even a bible study that is in English or has a translator. What we are doing now when we go to church is that my husband trasnlates for me, he does a great job. But we have a 2 year old and a baby and he gets distracted and I feel like I miss a lot of the sermon. It will be a couple years most likely before I can keep up with a Spanish sermon. I can communicate but thats when the other person is slowing down and I can ask them to repeat or to use a different word. You cant really do that in a church service. So for the last few weeks we have been doing our own church service at home. My husband use to lead worship at our church in the States so this part goes nicely and then we read a kids bible story to my daughter and my husband and I do a more grown up one after she goes to sleep. This is great for now and I know God is everywhere, but fellowship is sooooooooo important, and having Christian friends around to catch you when you slip is also necessary. We had such a close church back home, and we miss this so much.
I know some of you are from that area or close to it, so Im checking to see if you know of anything. If we can find something that looks promising we will then start looking for him a job, but because the church is the only reason we would be moving we feel we need to look for this first.
We moved here initially because he has family close by but we are finding that this hasn't been to much help and we dong even see them for visits very often.

Anyway thats what we are thinking for now. Im not even sure the days we will be going but it will deff not be until this flu stuff is over.


  1. I hear ya!!! The hardest part for about living in Mexico, for me, is not being part of a church. Where do you guys go to church now? There are 7 Catholic churches in our town and one Jehovah's Witness church. But not one Christian church in sight. I usually do my own Bible study, read the kids Bible stories at night, and on Sundays we watch Bayless Conley, in English!!!

    BTW, have a great 2nd honeymoon!!!

  2. Hey girl:

    I hear ya on the church. I think that is a great idea. I am so sad that I don't get in touch with you much right now. But when I have a computer I will be on every night. I've gotten all your comments but with such limited time I don't have enough time to reply to the comments. I wish .
    blogger was easier.
    Ok. talk to you soon. and have fun newlyweds... :)

  3. I miss you to Heather!!!! ;)

    Leslie, When we do go its one of the only Christian church in town. I love it actually they have upbeat praise and worship very similar to what we had in the states at our church. And the pastor is upbeat, honest, and frank. He preaches the word and preaches it as it is. It would be perfect if the only translator wasnt my husband. Also they dont always have an adult to supervise the kids. Sometimes its another kid who is about 10yrs old. On those days I dont put my daughter with the kids and keep her in church. As you can imagine for a 2 year old a 2 hour service doesn't go to well. Its even within walking distance from our apartment. I cant remember the name of it. I wish you all were a little closer then we could do church together. :) Which is something we thought we may be able to find if not a church with translation at least some English speakers who were dedicated to a weekly bible study session.

  4. Your church sounds nice! Maybe one day we'll go check it out!

  5. So this isn't happening anymore, My husbands work changed their minds about him getting the time off. They said he had to be there a year and that doesn't happen till June. Oh well he gets vacation then and we may take a few days of it to go. Who knows, for now church at home is going well.